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Worth Deserving Chapter 1888

“This is not one of our people.”

Faced with Meng Wanjun’s query, these three men in black immediately denied it.

However, within their words, there were also clearly a few moments of gloom.

Obviously, the appearance of this mysterious dragon head person was what made them, all of them, a bit scornful.

“Big brother, could it be the dragon head person who repeatedly killed our sect members before?”

Among the three, one of them asked in a low voice.

But the leader of the man immediately shook his head “should not be. The masks are not the same.”

“Moreover, a few days ago that dragon head man had been seriously injured by my young master Tianqi.”

“This man in front of me, his aura is like a rainbow, why is there half a sign of injury?”

“Then who could this be? The Martial God Hall should not have such a person, if it was a strong person sent by our sect master to support us, it would have informed us in advance.” On the lake island, these three black-clothed people were, however, inwardly caught in doubt.

“If this person has nothing to do with us, then he is coming for the Meng family.”

One of them suddenly spoke coldly, before turning his head to glare at Meng Wanjun.

“Other than the Zhang family, could it be that you have invited other martial powerhouses?”

Hearing this almost interrogative tone, Meng Wanjun immediately panicked and hurriedly explained “No way!”

“All of our actions are in accordance with Elder Tang’s command.”

“During this period of time, the only action we took was against the Zhang family, and we definitely did not provoke other powerful people without permission.”

Meng Wanjun patted his chest and a*sured.

“Better so!”

“If we learn that you have acted without permission, inviting others and misleading my clan’s major events, you should know the consequences.”

The black-clothed man’s morose words were full of threats.

Meng Wanjun repeatedly a*sured.

However, Meng Chuan, who was on the side, had a somewhat cloudy face.

Obviously, Meng Chuan’s action against Ye Fan was an unauthorized decision.

However, Meng Chuan felt that what he was dealing with was just an insignificant little person, and it shouldn’t affect the big picture.

The most urgent task was to find out the identity of the person who had come, who was it?

But just when Meng Wanjun and the others were in a state of uncertainty, the sound of Lu Zi Ming’s reckless laughter suddenly came from the stone pillar behind them.


“Meng Wanjun, there’s no need to guess.”

“I’ll tell you who’s coming!”

“It’s Mr. Chu who’s here.”

“It’s that god-like man back then who has returned.”

“Meng Wanjun, just wait for your death.”

“Zhang Zixi is the woman that Mr. Chu has taken a fancy to, the queen who will bear children for Mr. Chu, how dare you destroy her family, you’re finished, Mr. Chu will definitely kill you all”


Lu Zi Ming forced himself to endure the severe pain and laughed wantonly.

Even, in order to scare Meng Wanjun, he even made up the words that Zhang Zixi was Ye Fan’s woman.

“Mr. Chu?”

“What Mr. Chu?”

“Even Zhang Jiuling was defeated, in this Jiangbei land, I don’t believe there is anyone else who can defeat me?”

Meng Wanjun obviously did not realize who the Mr. Chu Lu Zi Ming was talking about was.

He let out a low curse, and then immediately stepped forward with one step.

Qi sank into his dantian, and his majestic voice resounded throughout the West Lake.

“I am Meng Wanjun, the head of the Jiangbei Meng family.”

“I don’t know who you are and what is the purpose of the visitor?”

As Meng Wanjun’s words rang out, for a moment, all the eyes and energy of everyone on the West Lake converged on the approaching figure.

The long lake was like a mirror, the waves were brimming.

At the top of the West Lake, he walked on the surface of the lake without hurry.

With his footsteps, at this moment, the entire West Lake water. Has all frozen, the surrounding air has also condensed into frost.

As the saying goes, a thousand miles of ice, ten thousand miles of snow.

Obviously already in the spring, but the arrival of this person but let the West Lake land instantly into winter.

Moreover, the coldness of this place is still coalescing.

The uneasiness in Meng Wanjun’s heart is getting thicker and thicker.

Seeing that the other party did not respond, Meng Wanjun once again asked, “Please state your name and tell us your intention.”

“If you are a guest, I, Meng Wanjun, will set up a banquet to welcome you, but if you have other business, please come back another day.”

“Today is the day that my Meng family invites a banquet at West Lake, and it is also the day that my Meng family unifies the power of Jiangbei.”

“I also ask you to give your face.”

“In the future, we will also get along in Jiangbei.”

Meng Wanjun’s voice continued to ring out.

At this moment, his tone, already began to become somewhat aggressive, vaguely revealing a bit of threatening intent.

But the other party still acted as if he had not heard, ignoring it, and his thin body walked slowly along the frozen lake.

The cold wind brings up the frost, energy wrapped in ice and snow.

The figure under the river is obviously that thin, but for some reason, it brings the oppression, but as if a mountain of ten thousand feet.

And as he got closer and closer, the crowd felt that the air had become oppressive, and even breathing had become difficult.


“Don’t talk nonsense with him.”

“If you want me to say so, just let our people do it and kill him.”

“This person is obviously coming from a bad place.”

“Perhaps, it’s the remnants of the Zhang family who came here to seek revenge on us.”

Meng Chuan could no longer bear the feeling of this fear slowly descending.

He rushed forward and anxiously advised to his own father.

Let his own father decide immediately and kill that person completely with thunderous measures.

Meng Wanjun’s face was also as deep as water.

Even his son was aware that the other party was not good, Meng Wanjun naturally also had an awareness.

However, the person who came was really strange.

Meng Wanjun was worried that once he took the lead, he would open Pandora’s Box and everything would be unmanageable.

“No need to worry, just make your move.”

“With us, your Meng family, in this world, will have nothing to fear.”

“Don’t forget, standing behind you at this time, is the most powerful force in this world.”

The voices of the men in black recalled at the right time.

With their a*surance, the worry in Meng Wanjun’s heart undoubtedly dispersed instantly.

“Yes, with your shelter, my Meng family will have nothing to fear!”

“Anyone who dares to provoke my Meng Family and threaten the safety of my clan members should die!”

Meng Wanjun suddenly laughed, confidence and arrogance once again surfaced on his face.

And then, without hesitation, he gave an order.

The gunmen ambushed by the lake immediately attacked.

Thousands of bullets spurted out, and at the top of the West Lake, a heavenly net made of bullets and artillery fire instantly appeared.


“Serves you right!”

“Provoking my Meng family, they deserve to be beaten into a sieve.”

Looking at the figure that was completely covered by fire, Meng Chuan suddenly laughed arrogantly.

However, his smile did not last long.

In the next moment, something that shocked everyone happened.

Only to see, those ten million rounds of bullets, after approaching that number of people in the range of meters, stalled instantly as if they were caught in a mud puddle.

Finally, there was a clamor.

All of them fell to the ground.

“This this.”

“How is this possible?”

Meng Wanjun and the others were completely frightened by this scene.

Before, although Lu Zi Ming and the others were not afraid of bullets, they were relying on brute force and dodging to cope.

But now, that dragon head man faced the obscuring cannon fire, without any action reaction at all, those bullets stopped.

That feeling, as if his side, there is a terrifying field.

In that field, his words came out, water and fire did not invade, swords and spears did not enter.

He was, in that realm, God!

“Finally, I’ve come across an interesting person.”

“Tell your people to stand down.”

“The next battle is no longer something that you ants can handle.”

After a short silence, those three men in black, however, suddenly laughed.

That feeling, as if the lone king had finally met, a swordsman who could fight with them.

Words fell, the three coincidentally, towards the front.

“Big brother, second brother, there is no need for you to fight.”

“Kill him, I alone is sufficient!”