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Worth Deserving Chapter 1889

Just when the three islands of black-clad figures were ready to fight together, one of them thought the short, fat black-clad man, suddenly stopped his two brothers.

Threatening to kill the visitor, only he alone.

However, among the three, that the leader of the black-clothed man obviously scrupulous.

Lao-san, it is better for us to be cautious.”

“This person’s origin is unknown and his cultivation is strange. The strength is not clear yet.”

“As the saying goes, when a lion fights a rabbit, it also uses its full strength. So it’s better for the three of us to come out together and kill this son with a thunderous force.”

The black-clothed man at the head of the group spoke coldly.

But the third black-clothed person in line shook his head and smiled “Big brother, you are just too cautious.”

“Just now when dealing with those two remaining villains of the Yu Zhang family, you also said the same thing.”

“What about the result, just now I only exerted three layers of force.”

“But even so, they didn’t even last half a move under us.”

“So, there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Don’t you think about it, not to mention the land of Jiangbei, now is the whole Yanxia, except for the ones from Yanshan Martial God Temple, this Yanxia is big, who else can beat me?”

“Besides, this person in front of me is obviously pretending to be something else.”

“There is no real ability, treading water, just to scare these ants below.”

“This skill, I can also do!”

The short fat man is full of himself, his eyes are full of disdain.

Of course, he could not be blamed for his arrogance.

The main reason is that in today’s Yanxia martial dao, talents are withering, and there is no succession of young and yellow.

The top battle power, there are only the three people left above Yanshan.

Now it is estimated that the Sword Saint has been frightened by the Chu Sect’s troop deployment, so they can not care about this side.

However, back then, Yan Xia, in addition to a few hall masters of the Martial God Temple, perhaps there is still a person who can make them scare.

But unfortunately. That person had fallen three years ago in the land of the East Sea, moreover, fell in front of the Martial God Hall’s strongest people.

Therefore, in the eyes of the three of them, in the entire land of Yanxia, there are really not many people who can enter their eyes.

“Big brother, what third brother said is also reasonable.”

“I think this little matter, let him solve it by himself.”

“If it’s a matter of slaughtering chickens and dogs, and we three brothers have to do it together, then if word gets back to the clan, we will be laughed at by everyone.”

“Besides, the two of us will be watching from this side.”

“In case the third brother is really in any danger, we will come to the rescue, that’s not too late.”

Another man in black also advised from the side.

In the end, the leading elder brother also nodded his head and agreed.


“Finally, we can have a good time.”

Seeing that the boss agreed, the short, fat man was overjoyed.

He first stretched his muscles and bones all over his body suddenly crackled.

At the same time, there was even an endless battle spirit soaring in his eyes.

“Where is the Meng Family Master?”

At the edge of the West Lake, this short and fat man in black suddenly shouted. He had his hands behind his back, and his proud voice echoed in the four fields.

Meng Wanjun hurriedly ran over and said respectfully “I don’t know master, what are your orders?”

“Listen carefully, give me green plums to boil wine.”

“After I kill this son, carry his head and come back to drink wine!”

In a domineering voice, the figure in black carried his sword.

In one step, he rushed up to the top of West Lake.

“This this”

After a brief shudder, Meng Wanjun immediately shouted in excitement.

“I go, domineering ah!”

“In the old days, there was Guan Yunchang five guards and six generals to shake the group!”

“Now there is the master, the green plum boiling wine to cut off the comer!”

“Well, well, well.”

“Someone, bring up the 100-year cellar collection for me.”

“Follow me to boil wine to watch the battle and wait for the master to win the flag!”

Meng Wanjun said several good words with one face.

The previous so trembling and trepidation, no doubt also at this time all dispersed.

The domineering aura of the Chu Sect’s strongest man, Qingmei Boiling Wine, made Meng Wanjun’s confidence soar.

In this way, in the eyes of all people, the black-clothed figure took the lead and directly rushed to the top of the West Lake.

“Treading water, condensing water into ice.”

“But little Doyle!”

“And see how I will one foot, step on your ten thousand miles of ice river!”

There was no padding or brewing.

After this person came into battle, his body power exploded.

The fierce force was all gathered between his legs and feet.

He first jumped up.

In the midst of the overpowering sound, the crowd could only see that the man in black was like a roc spreading his wings, and like an eagle striking the long sky.

Finally a fierce foot, heavily stepped on top of the ice surface of Ye Fan West Lake.

“Handsome ah!”

Meng Chuan a pat on the thigh, straight out of the hegemony superb.

However, just when everyone was waiting for this diffuse ice river, under this person’s feet all trampled broken.

However, the next thing that surprised the crowd happened.

Only to see the long lake ice and snow, under this person’s feet, just a slight tremble.

Not to mention broken, is a crack did not appear.

Wan Ren ice and snow, still as cold and hard as iron.

“This this”

“How is this possible?”

“The third brother’s strength burst, comparable to the peak patriarch.”

“Even a 50-meter mountain, he can explode with a single kick.”

“But with such a majestic force, he can’t break the ice and snow?”

On the shore of the lake, all the people trembled.

Especially the other two black-clothed people, but also the heart and soul tremble, because of the shock, a pair of old eyes have narrowed into lines.

Only think, unbelievable!

“Perhaps, it’s because the third brother didn’t exert his full strength, right?”

“Take another look.”

The leader of the black-clothed man did not act rashly, but remained standing here, watching from afar.

He was waiting, waiting for that mysterious dragon head man to make a move!

So that they could judge the real strength of the other party.

Perhaps they can still remain calm, but, deep in the battle, the short fat black man has begun to panic.

He was very clear, he just kicked, how much weight.

But even so, it could not even break the ice and snow frozen by the other party’s breath emanation.

“Who the hell are you?”

“What kind of evil art is this?”

“Why, with my full strength strike, I can’t even break through this ice layer?”

The man in black had a fierce light in his eyes, and his eyes stared dead ahead.

The weirdness of this dragon headed man in front of him was already greatly out of his expectation.

“Old man, don’t talk nonsense with him.”

“Quickly cut down the mess, strike directly.”

“Use your best sword technique to exterminate him with a thunderous strike!”

Behind him, there were several urging voices.

Finally, the short and fat man no longer hesitated.

“Not telling, are you?”

“In that case, then don’t say it forever.”

“Take your secret with you and go to hell.”

In the next moment, the short fat man’s expression was steeply ice-cold.

And then, he brought up his sword.

The sharp surface of the sword brought up a cold light like a dazzling sun over the West Lake.

The eighteen saber techniques were chaotic and complicated, and the terrifying saber energy even brought up an exterminating gale above the West Lake.

“Dance of the Exterminating Blade!”

After this person’s power gathered to the extreme, a thousand-meter-long sword river slashed out violently.

With a thunderous force, it ruthlessly slashed at the dragon headed man in front of him.


In an instant, that dragon head man was swallowed by the river of swords.

The river of ice beneath its feet was even smashed out of a fissure.

That dragon head man, just like this, was cleaved into the bottom of the West Lake by its slash.


“It’s over!”

The man in black stood on the ice surface, looking at the empty place in front of him, and then he let out a long breath.

That slash just now, although it was only one blow.

But it nearly drained all his strength.

At this moment, this short fat man is standing in place, panting violently.

At the same time, the corners of his mouth brought up an arc, and a victor-like smile sprang up on his old face.

“Old man, really!”

“I didn’t expect that you had practiced this Destruction Blade Dance to the sixth level.”

“That slash just now, even your second brother and I, I’m afraid, wouldn’t be able to catch it.”

Applause was already heard from the back.

Meng Wanjun and other Meng family members even shouted in unison, “Master is mighty!

“Chrysanthemum, crab, and plum wine.”

“Please come and drink wine, Master!”

Meng Wanjun shouted loudly, his excitement overflowing.