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Worth Deserving Chapter 1890

“How can this this be possible”

“Mr. Chu, how could you lose? How could he lose?”

“Mr. Chu is the number one on the Heavenly Ranking, a terrifying existence that can shake the world’s strongest people by himself.”

“How could he he have lost?”

At this moment, on the lake island, many people were applauding the Meng family and the majesty of that black-clothed strong man.

But some people were happy and some were sad.

Lu Zi Ming, who was tied on top of the stone pillar, was full of uncertainty. The eyes that were originally full of hope, after seeing Ye Fan being suppressed by that black-clothed singer with a sword under the West Lake, in a flash, they went out like a candle burning in a storm.

Despair, trepidation, disbelief!

All kinds of emotions wrapped around Lu Zi Ming’s worry.

He could not accept this result.

He could not believe that in his heart, the man who seemed like a god, just like this, was defeated again.

“Surely, it’s still not working?”

The dying Zhang Zixi, between her red lips trembling, also could not help but let out a bit of emotion.

Tears, too, flowed down in her eyes.

For this result, although Zhang Zixi’s heart was surprised, but he had expected it before.

After all, Ye Fan is no longer strong, that is only once.

Now he is just a survivor of the aftermath of the disaster

A person who was on the verge of death, even if his life was preserved through means, but his strength was bound to suffer a great loss.

This is why, before Zhang Zixi did not hold out hope on Ye Fan.

The power of those mysterious strong people was not something that a person who brought along with him could resist.

“Mr. Chu, sorry about that.”

“After all, it still harmed you.”

Zhang Zixi tears like rain.

The heart was filled with guilt.

He felt sorry for Ye Fan, it was his own family that had harmed him, if it wasn’t for saving them, Ye Fan wouldn’t have fought these mysterious powerhouses with a wounded body.

What’s more, he wouldn’t have been cut heavily by the other side and split into the bottom of the West Lake.

However, just when Zhang Zixi and the others were filled with despair.


Suddenly there was an explosion, and the entire West Lake scenic area trembled violently like an earthquake gathering.

“This this what happened?”

“What’s happening?”

“An earthquake?”

This sudden change naturally drew the attention of everyone present.

Even the three black-clothed strongmen turned around and looked far away.


“What’s wrong again?”

“Could it be”

Above the West Lake, the short, fat black-clothed man with a frown, between panic, seemed to realize something.

He subconsciously turned back and looked in the direction where Ye Fan had been knocked into the bottom of the lake by him earlier.

A bad feeling of foreboding suddenly appeared in his heart!


Sure enough, between the people’s horror, there was another boom.

Above the West Lake, there was like a thunderbolt exploded.

And then everyone only saw just calmed down the West Lake water, once again tumbling up.

As if the boiling water.

Huge waves of water from the bottom of the lake, to the end, the white wave wrapped in tens of millions of tons of lake water, and rose to the sky.

Looked from afar, just like a dragon rising to the sky.

Terrifying power, so that everyone is sweating!

“Dragon King, it’s the Water Dragon King!”

“This time it’s real!”

Among the crowd, the rich man just saw the water dragon rise to the sky and shouted again.

And swore, a million confirmations!

“I’m so nasty!”

Chu Wenfei cursed, and then kicked the idiot under the table.

“This group of idiots, just know the Water Dragon King.”

“Why don’t you f*cking say it’s the White Queen?”

Chu Wenfei all P*ssed, full of speechlessness.

“Mr. Chu, it’s Mr. Chu!”

“Mr. Chu is still undefeated!”

“Haha, I knew it, Mr. Chu couldn’t have fallen this easily!”

Amidst the thousands of water mist, when they saw the thin figure above the white marks, Zhang Zixi and Lu Ziming were like people who had fallen into the water and grabbed the last straw to save their lives, and they shouted in surprise. Perhaps their voices were not loud, perhaps no one present could hear their shouts.

But their kind of excitement, the kind of desperate to see hope again is overflowing with words!

“This this”

“How is this possible!”

“This is never possible!”

“My full power strike is a small mountain that can be trampled down.”

“How could he have survived?”

When Ye Fan’s figure, reappeared.

The short, fat man who had just been smiling proudly like a victor had indeed P*ssed himself in fear.

A pair of old eyes stared huge in disbelief at the figure that once again rose from the sky in the middle of the West Lake.

He couldn’t believe that his strongest strike hadn’t hurt Ye Fan in the slightest.

This huge gap between reality and ideal, meaningless instantly pierced through all the high pride of this man in black.

He began to panic!

All the previous battle intent instantly dispersed.

At this moment, his heart is left with only one thought, that is, flee!

There is no way, his full force of a blow can not hurt the other party in the slightest.

Then there is no need to fight this kind of battle anymore, because to fight any longer is also self-destructive.

Like an egg on a stone, the stone is unharmed, but his own eggs are broken on the ground.

Of course, the situation in front of him, and not only his own attention to the road.

The shore, his two companions also realized the huge gap between him and Ye Fan, immediately anxiously shouted.

“Lao-san, run!”

“Third brother, run away!”

But could they get away?


The heavens and earth were still trembling.

Ye Fan, who had reappeared in the world, stood proudly between the heavens.

He wore a dragon head mask on his head, and his robe was floating.

The lake beneath his feet was like a long dragon, and beneath him, it quickly froze and then, then quickly shattered.


Under Ye Fan’s might, the water of the West Lake, which was frozen three feet, shattered into millions of ice blades.

Finally, the top of the West Lake, everyone only saw, the man opened his hands, as if, around the world!

The next moment, the man’s “sword to”, like the god of judgment, came to earth.

The thousands of ice swords, as if alive, all rose to the sky, suspended in the whole world.

From a distance, the sky behind the man, as if it had become an ocean of swords.

Dense, starry!

Refracted sunlight, dazzling and compelling.

So much so that, these people present, no longer dare to look directly at Ye Fan’s light.

This glorious scene in front of him completely shook everyone.

Zhang Zixi froze, Lu Ziming also froze, and even Chu Wenfei, who had seen the might of Ye Fan, also froze.

For a moment, they only felt that the figure standing proudly in the void in front of them was not a man!

It was a god!

Just like that, everyone watched, the figure like a “god”, the arm waved in the air, and then fell down violently.

And then, the millions of water swords behind him, under its traction, wrapped in endless majesty, towards the short fat man fleeing ahead, swept away!

“b*****d, stop it!”

“You dare to touch my third brother?”

On the lake shore, the eyes of the two remaining men in black, have turned red.

They hissed, cursed angrily, and then rushed forward like crazy.

“Lao San Lao Er!”

“We join forces!”

“Formation of the long rainbow through the sun!”

Perhaps it was because they felt the threat of death.

The three at the last moment had no more reservations.

Their palms met and their breaths merged.

The three people’s might, in a moment, nearly merged into one.

Then, the three became swords, as powerful as a rainbow, splitting the heaven and earth, engaging in a final duel with Ye Fan’s sword river!

However, the world-shattering battle that the crowd imagined did not appear.

The figures of the three people only advanced less than one meter amidst the overwhelming river of swords.

After that, all the power of the body was broken.

All the defenses were pierced.

Thousands of ice swords pierced through his chest.

It was like a knife cutting through tofu!

Everyone saw that the three brothers, who were so majestic just a moment ago, were beaten into a sieve by the ice swords that swept through the world!

It is not too much to say that they were killed by a thousand swords.