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Worth Deserving Chapter 1891

Boundless rain of blood fell with a dash.

These three black-clothed strongmen, but did not even have time to scream, then already killed.

Their bodies, pierced with a thousand holes, fell helplessly like kites with broken strings.

Dead silence!

A dead silence!

The large West Lake, at this time has been a crow’s nest.

Everyone was already confused.

Those tycoons present, each with their mouths wide open, like a rooster being strangled.

One move!

Just one move!

Who could have imagined that the dragon head man, with just a wave of his hand, would directly kill people a hundred meters apart.

Of course, more shocking than this, or the dragon’s head man’s heaven-destroying ability.

The West Lake was frozen, and the snow drifted for miles.

Ten million ice swords, but also at his command.

Before also said that the world does not have swordsmen and warriors, only guns and missiles of the rich and powerful, the world view developed over the past few decades, no doubt at this time was shattered.

Just like Chu Wenfei said, the original world, not no ice and snow, just their vision is too small, can not touch it.

No one can peer into the world.

There are always things you can’t see in places that are out of your reach.

“It’s him!”

“That’s him!”

“He is the Daxian who stepped on the West Lake and suppressed the north of the river back then.”

“He’s back, he’s back.”

While the crowd was sweating, the old boatman who had just sent Chu Wenfei here was shouting in excitement.

He fiercely jumped off the crow-top boat and kneeled down to serve on the ice surface, like the most devout believer, paying the most sincere respect to Ye Fan.

“Great Daxian is above, please accept the old body’s obeisance!”

“May the Great Daxian bless, my son’s golden ranking and my old companion’s health!”

The boatman kowtowed repeatedly, he really worshipped Ye Fan as a god.

However, as the old boatman took the lead, the group of rich people on the West Lake, there are also kneeling down and kowtowing.

Some kneeled to pray for blessings, and some apologized in fear.

For a time, this heaven and earth, it seems to have been subservient to its feet.

“So powerful”

“Is this the God-like man?”

While those worldly people thought they had glimpsed the god of heaven and worshipped in fear, Zhang Zixi, who was tied to the giant stone pillar, had an obsessed and shocked color on her pretty face.

She had been practicing martial arts for twenty years and asked herself that she was extremely talented in Jiangbei.

However, it was only after seeing the man’s skills with her own eyes that Zhang Zixi truly understood.

It turns out that a person, can be so powerful to such an extent?

Zhang Zixi is very clear, today’s battle, the man in front of her, is destined to amaze the rest of her life.

On the lake island, there was already a clamor.

There is shock, there is trepidation, there is reverence.

However, no matter how noisy the multitudes are, Ye Fan, who is standing at the top, is oblivious.

When one is deep at the top, how can one hear the clamor at the bottom of the mountain?

Just like this, in the face of the crowd’s gaze, Ye Fan stepped out with one foot.

After several years, Ye Fan came to the island in the heart of the lake again.


The moment Ye Fan landed on the ground, the ten thousand hectares of ice river behind him, thawed instantly.

The monstrous lake water, tumbling and rushing.

The noisy current, the shocking waves lapping at the shore!


“Who the hell are you?”

The Meng family had long since turned ashen.

Especially Meng Wanjun, he had never dreamed that the three supreme powerhouses sent by the Chu Sect would be so easily crushed and decimated by the person in front of him.

At this moment, Meng Wanjun’s old face was pale and full of fear as he asked the dragon headed man in front of him.

“What the hell do you you want?”

Yes, although this person had appeared for many hours.

But up to now, the Meng family did not figure out the other party’s intention.

Meng Wanjun really couldn’t figure out when their Meng family had provoked such a ruthless person?

Moreover, he had been operating in Jiangbei for decades, but he had never heard of a powerful person with a dragon head mask.

This person in front of him seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and descended from the sky.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s really a god from heaven?”

Meng Wanjun was filled with trepidation.

Finally, in the face of the Meng family’s doubts, the one who had been silent

Ye Fan, slowly turned his head.

His morose gaze slowly swept over the people in all directions.

Chu Wenfei, Meng Wanjun, Lu Ziming

All the people who were stared at by Ye Fan’s gaze, surprisingly, like an electric shock, their bodies subconsciously trembled.

That feeling was like being stared at by a demon king from the abyss.

“This this”

“What the hell is going on?”

“Why, is there such a strong killing intent?”

Lu Ziming was then spine-chilling, his body was covered in cold sweat.

This feeling was all too familiar to Lu Ziming.

Back then, also on this West Lake Lake Island, it was also Ye Fan, also such a gaze.

But that time, because his son hurt Ye Fan’s family, only to force Ye Fan to storm out and kill countless strong people in Jiangbei in one fell swoop.

But this time, why was Ye Fan so angry?

“Zi Zixi Shi, you you are not really sleeping with Mr. Chu in water and milk?”

Lu Zi Ming seemed to have realized something, and immediately turned his head to ask Zhang Zixi.

Ye Fan is extremely affectionate person.

Having fought with Ye Fan for so many years, Lu Zi Ming knew that Ye Fan’s family was his biggest scale of adversity.

To make Ye Fan so angry, there was undoubtedly only one explanation.

That is the Meng family, also messed with Ye Fan’s relatives!

He is definitely not Ye Fan’s relatives, and that old thing Zhang Jiuling is not either.

Therefore, the elimination method, Lu Zi Ming naturally thought of Zhang Zixi.

Before he said that Zhang Zixi was Ye Fan’s woman, just to scare the Meng family a little.

But now it seemed that he had hit the nail on the head.

“What water mingling?”

Zhang Zixi had basically spent the first half of her life in cultivation, and was still an ice-clean, pure-hearted girl, so some of the more euphemistic words she naturally couldn’t understand.

“Is that you slept with Mr. Chu?” Lu Zi Ming originally did not want to ask so directly, but there is no way, this girl is only pure, do not directly say she simply do not understand.

“Uncle Lu, what are you talking about?”

Zhang Zixi’s heart was all blushing.

The pale and weak pretty face, also at this time emerged a few hints of red.

“Actually, this can be had.”

“If you conquer him, within a hundred years, the land of Yanxia, your Zhang family can walk sideways.”

“It’s a good thing that will be beneficial in the present time and a thousand years.”

Lu Zi Ming muttered in a small voice.

But Zhang Zixi’s eyelids were lowered.

She did have to admit that she did have an unspeakable emotion for Ye Fan.

She didn’t know if it was like, or admiration.

However, Zhang Zixi was also clear that either of those emotions, she was delusional.

Mr. Chu was high above the world, majestic and overwhelming.

Once even with the power of one person, single-handedly defeated the entire world!

Any description and rhetoric, for him, is an emotion.

Like this kind of man, their own like, for him, should also be a blasphemy and defilement.

In fact, this is also quite good.

From a distance, silently watching.

Look at this god-like man, once again, the king of the world!

While Zhang Zixi was lost in thought, Ye Fan’s morose and angry voice, had already sounded.

“Ask me what for?”

“I’ve come, to decimate the Meng family!”


As soon as Ye Fan’s words fell, a fierce wind rose in this heaven and earth.

The biting cold wind, nearly transformed into swords.

The sword qi, with endless power, cut wildly towards the Meng family’s place.

One word from Ye Fan stirred up the world!

The terrifying power completely appalled the Meng family.

“Father, what should we do?”

“Let’s escape!”

Meng Chuan was scared out of his wits.

“Yes, family master, let’s run!”

“All three masters are dead.”

“We can’t stop him!”


The Meng family members were all terrified and thought of fleeing.

However, Meng Wanjun put a foot on Meng Chuan’s stomach.

“When something happens, you know how to run?”

“Where to run?”

“You can run out of West Lake, you can still run out of Jiangbei?”

Meng Wanjun scolded in a stern voice, but his old eyes were sinister.

He held back the fear in his heart and turned his head to face Ye Fan directly.

“It seems that you, Your Excellency, are determined to make things difficult for my Meng Family?”

“But don’t think that, just because you killed those three masters, I, Meng Wanjun, am afraid of you?!”

“Soon, I will make you regret it!”

Meng Wanjun let out a fierce word.

Then he turned his head and bowed his fist to the void behind him, “Please, Fifth Elder, save my Meng family!”

As Meng Wanjun took the lead, Meng Yilong followed suit and shouted out.

“Please, Fifth Elder, save my Meng family!”

The low and deep voice echoed in the four fields.

At the end of the Heavenly River, the wind and clouds swirled wildly.