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Worth Deserving Chapter 1892

“Please, Fifth Elder, save my Meng Family!”

“Save my Meng family!”

Above the West Lake, the Meng family begged in piteousness.

The voices of the sky, the words of mourning, converged into a stream, impacting the whole heaven and earth.

Seeing the scene in front of them, those present, especially Zhang Zixi and Lu Ziming, their expressions then changed.

“Elder Wuwu?”


“This this they, could it be that they still have a backhand?”

“This Meng family, what kind of thighs have they hugged!”

Lu Zi Ming had to be shocked.

You know, when the Lu family was still calling the shots in Jiangbei, this Meng family was not in the eyes of the Lu family at all.

After all, no matter how wealthy and powerful the Meng family was, in the eyes of martial arts families, it was just an empty shelf.

Just like a pig, no matter how fat it looks, no matter how much oil it has, the tiger won’t care.

However, Lu Zi Ming did not expect that the pig that he saw at the beginning would become a tiger that showed its fangs.

Previously, the appearance of three Patriarch-level powerhouses at once had already made Lu Zi Ming tremble greatly.

But now it seems that he still underestimated the Meng family.

It seems that they still have cards to play!

With the Meng family’s action, the people in the West Lake held their breath.

The large island in the center of the lake was silent.

Chu Wenfei and other people were also full of fear looking ahead.

As the saying goes, one wave has not yet subsided, another wave has arisen.

The crowd originally thought that with the destruction of the three people, this West Lake chaos will completely come to an end.

But who would have thought that the Meng family would still have something to fall back on.

However, just when everyone thought that another terrifying existence was about to appear.

One second, two seconds

A full ten seconds had pa*sed.

The heaven and earth in front of us, still empty.

The water of the West Lake, slightly rippling in the wind.

The spring sun shines on the slightly green willow branches.

Where are the strongest people?

Only the water of the flat lake remained the same.

“What the hell?”

“Is this Meng family playing a trick on us?”

Chu Wenfei cursed with a black face.

Thanks to him, he was scared to death just now.

He thought that some monster had appeared again.

Now, it seemed that it was completely the Meng family’s fakery.

Or rather, that Five Elders that Meng Wanjun was talking about had already been scared away.

“Father, don’t expect any Fifth Elder or Sixth Elder?”

“Let’s run away!”

“If we don’t run, we’ll lose our lives.”

“I guess that Fifth Elder, too, has already run away.”

“This Dragon Head Man is too terrifying, it’s simply not humanly possible to resist.”

Meng Chuan, however, could not wait any longer.

Especially after seeing that the person his father was relying on did not appear, Meng Chuan became even more terrified. Turning around, he was ready to flee.

But Meng Wanjun’s gaze was still like a torch, and above his expression, there was a devotion like that of a believer. ,…

He firmly believed that the Chu Sect would not abandon their Meng Family.

“Here it comes!”

Sure enough, the next moment, Lu Zi Ming, who was tied on top of the stone pillar, seemed to have sensed something.

He turned around violently.


As if in response to him, deep in the West Lake, a strong wind, like a dragon and snake, swept out.

Waves rolled, the West Lake trembled.

The silhouette has not yet arrived, but the power has already covered the sky.


“Look at the sky!”

Among the crowd, someone suddenly shouted.

Immediately after, everyone looked up and looked far away.

Only to see, between the sea of clouds, there is a human figure, feet on the void, stepping on the sky.

The moment he appeared, the whole West Lake is like boiling water, can not help but roll over. The gushing lake water, like a great ocean storm swept in all directions.

Lu Zhi Ming, Lu Zhi Ming and Zhang Jiuling were immediately confused.

“Void void horizontal standing?”

“This this is the Seal Sovereign?”

“How how?”

“How is it possible that a Sealed Sovereign still exists in the land of Jiangbei?”

“This this can’t be!”

Lu Zi Ming’s eyes were almost about to crack out.

This is a Sealed Master!

The realm of yearning in the hearts of martial artists.

In the past few hundred years, there had only been one Seal in the land of Jiangbei.

That was Lu Songliang who was killed by Ye Fan!

Now that Jiangbei had produced another seal, Lu Ziming and the others were naturally shocked.

“He’s not from Jiangbei.”

“It should be an extra-territorial force that the Meng family relies on.”

After all, it was Zhang Jiuling who had seen a lot of things.

Soon he could see the crux of the matter.

Three great masters, plus a sealed master.

If you look at the entire Yanxia, it is estimated that only the Martial God Palace can command such strong people at the same time.

However, the Martial Gods Temple has always been superb, and basically does not interfere with the local martial arts power struggle.

Moreover, even if the Martial God Palace really wants to help the Meng family, there is no need to personally, issued a directive, they have to obey the Zhang family, giving up Jiangbei.

Therefore, there was only one explanation, these mysterious people behind the Meng family were all martial powerhouses from outside the domain.


“This Meng Family, to collude with extra-territorial forces.”

“What exactly do they want?”

Lu Zi Ming suddenly felt that something was wrong.

The situation was getting more and more complicated.

With so many powerful people appearing, was their goal really just this tiny Jiangbei?

Right in the middle of the crowd’s shocked and violent gaze, the figure in the void had already arrived above Lake Island.

He looked down from above, looking down at the bullet-shaped land below him.

Under his gaze, Meng Wanjun and other Meng family members kowtowed and once again cried out in unison, asking the fifth elder to save my Meng family.

The Fifth Elder did not speak at first, but only looked around indifferently.

Until, the three black-clothed strong bodies from before, entered the eyes.

The Fifth Elder’s pupils suddenly shrank.

“Who did this?”

“Who killed my disciple?”

The old man’s angry voice exploded abruptly.

Within the words, there was even an unspeakable sadness embedded in them.

“Fifth Elder, it was him.”

“He is the one who killed the three masters, please Fifth Elder kill this son and avenge the three masters!”

Meng Chuan, who was screaming to run away just now, changed his attitude and immediately rushed over, pointing in Ye Fan’s direction and pleading for this old man in front of him to kill Ye Fan.

The rest of the Meng family followed suit and knelt down to beg.

Now, this mysterious elder in front of him had apparently become the last straw for the Meng family.

Hearing Meng Chuan’s words, this Fifth Elder also only then noticed Ye Fan not far away.


“The Dragon Dragon Head?”

However, after seeing the dragon head mask, the fifth elder’s old face turned white and his heartbeat suddenly dewed by half a beat.

Among the old eyes, there was a kind of fear that appeared when a mouse saw a cat.

Obviously, this Fifth Elder, had not suffered many losses at the hands of the Dragon Head.

“No, the mask is not right.”

“The aura is also different.”

“This is a fake.”

But after a brief moment of trepidation, the fifth elder quickly realized that the dragon headed man in front of him, was a fake.

Only then did he lose his breath for a long time.

Back then, when the Dragon Headed Man first appeared, the Fifth Elder had fought with him and was almost killed by the other side, and he still has a lofty scar on his chest from the Dragon Headed Man.

As the saying goes, once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of the well rope.

Perhaps it was the shadow left by that year, so that now, when the fifth elder sees the man with the dragon head mask, he subconsciously wants to run.

But fortunately, a false alarm.

The real dragon head man he could not beat, the fake dragon head man, crush him is not as easy as a hand?

“To be able to kill three of my disciples, you can see that your strength is at least half-step seal realm.”

“In the land of Yanxia, there is only one person who can reach this realm, except for those few pillar states.”

“That is the son of the Fist Emperor, Mo Wu Ya.”

“So, if what I expect is right, you are Mo Wu Ya, right?”

The old man did not immediately make a move, but looked at Ye Fan from afar and spoke in a low voice.

Ye Fan did not pay attention.

But after this old man appeared, under the dragon head mask, Ye Fan’s body suddenly trembled.

An even more dense killing machine, from the bottom of Ye Fan’s heart swept madly.

That feeling was like, enemies meeting!

“Don’t worry, although I kill you as easily as a hand.”

“But for the sake of your father, the Fist Emperor, I will spare your life today.”

“Until I change my mind, you go.”

After guessing the other party’s identity, the Fifth Elder’s sudden change of heart didn’t avenge his disciple, instead, he wanted to let him go.