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Worth Deserving Chapter 1893

“Not ah, elder.”

“This son’s strength is extraordinary, must not let the tiger return to the mountain, not later will be a big trouble in the heart.”

“He must be killed immediately to avenge the three dead masters to end future troubles!”

After Meng Wanjun heard that the fifth elder was actually going to let the other party leave, he was in a hurry to persuade him.

The Meng family does not have a strong martial artist after all, if they really let him go at this time, it will definitely be a fatal threat to the Meng family in the future. ,

Although the Chu Sect promised them to shelter the Meng family peace.

However, Meng Wanjun knows very well that the Chu Sect’s so-called protection is bound to be only temporary.

The next time, if this Dragon Headed Man came to kill again, who else could save them?


“Kill him, make sure to kill him, break him into pieces ah.”

Meng Chuan shouted along with them.

However, in the face of the Meng family’s request, the elder’s eyebrows were cold and he shouted in a low voice, “Noisy!”


The sound wave was like thunder, and the energy brought up by it shook the Meng family’s father and son several meters away.

“Master Meng, I advise you to set yourself straight.”

“The decisions of this elder, are you not qualified to dictate?”

The majestic and angry voice had the sound of thunder exploding.

In a moment, all the people of the Meng family knelt down in fear and did not dare to speak again.

But Meng Wanjun, who was kneeling on the ground, couldn’t figure out how to conquer the martial dao of Yanxia, didn’t he?

Since this person is the strongest person in Yanxia, why not take this opportunity to kill him directly, also considered to reduce the power of Yanxia’s martial arts.

But they, how could they know the thoughts of the Fifth Elder?

This Little Fist Emperor Mo Wu Ya, to normal people, was indeed a supreme power that was difficult to counteract.

However, to him, it was just a half-half-a*sed seal, an insignificant role.

Want to kill him, simply as easy as a hand.

But now, the Chu Sect’s general attack was imminent, and before acting, they did not want to attract the attention of Yanshan’s side.

Therefore, letting Mo Wu Ya go was undoubtedly in the best interest of the Chu Sect.

“After so long, you guys are still as arrogant and uncaring as ever.”

“It seems that the incident back then didn’t make you guys learn any lessons.”

In the face of this old man’s towering words as if he was beneficent, that Dragon Head man was shaking his head.

“That’s fine.”

“Since we met here, let’s let you guys, first, pay back some interest.”

Cold words rang out.

His voice wasn’t big, but there was an inexplicable majesty embedded in it.

It was as if, intuitively, he had pronounced the death sentence on the other party.

When the fifth elder heard this, he immediately smiled.

A pair of old eyes looked over, and there was teasing and ridicule in his eyes.

“Little fellow, I really don’t know whether to admire your courage or to say that you don’t know how to live or die.”

“Can’t you see the difference between you and me?”

“Even if your father, the Fist King, were here, he would never dare to provoke me.”

“So, put away your delusions and run for your life.”

“I have no intention of killing you, nor do I intend to be an enemy of Yanshan Martial God Hall.”

“But if you provoke me, this Elder does not mind making your father, experience the pain of losing his son!”

The Fifth Elder shook his head and laughed, mockingly, as if he had heard some kind of joke.

However, in the face of these words of the fifth elder, the other party has not bothered to pay attention.

Under the dragon head mask, Ye Fan’s eyes, steeply icy cold.

In the dantian, the monstrous qi energy rolled madly.

The time is several years, the cloud dao heavenly duel technique, once again without reservation to run up.

All of a sudden, this heaven and earth, the gale is loud.

The majestic heaven and earth Yuan Power, as if summoned, converged towards Ye Fan’s men madly.

When Ye Fan’s majesty was released, the fifth elder in front of him, his eyebrows trembled without a trace.

I don’t know why, he only felt that the aura of the person in front of him, but somehow familiar.

It was as if he had seen it from somewhere?

“Could it be that it’s really the seal on Yan Mountain?”

The Fifth Elder frowned at once.

But soon, he dismissed himself from this thought.

Now those pillar countries of the Martial God Hall have been closely monitored by them, before coming, the fifth elder has confirmed that the Sword Saint Fist Emperor and others are all at the top of Yan Mountain to hold the fort.

Forget it, can’t think about it.

Feeling the rapidly rising power in front of him, the five elders’ old eyes gradually narrowed, a touch of killing, finally surfaced.

“Little fellow, it seems that you really do not die until the yellow river heart ah.”

“I’ve made it so clear, and you still dare to provoke me?”

“So be it.”

“I will give you a move so that you can know the huge gap between you and me.”

“Lest you think that by becoming sealed, you are truly invincible.”

“I can tell you that the gap between a seal and a seal is also as vast as the sky.”

“Half-humans like you, if I were to stand here and let you fight, you wouldn’t be able to hurt me in the slightest!”

The Fifth Elder’s eyes were full of arrogance.

In his words, he was full of disdain for Ye Fan.

He even threatened to let his opponent make one move.

The crowd originally thought that the Fifth Elder’s words were a joke, but who would have thought that the next moment, this Elder’s body landed on the ground and fiercely stepped on his foot.

Between the earth cracking open, an invisible astral energy instantly outward, in the fifth elder’s whole body condensed into an armor made of astral energy.

“Junior, come!”

“Fight towards here!”

“Today, I’ll show you that in front of the truly strong, your little strength is nothing more than a mole.”

The Fifth Elder patted his chest and shouted proudly at Ye Fan.

The Fifth Elder acted like this, just to make the other party know what to do and retreat.

He had come to Yanxia for a secret operation.

The Sect Master instructed him to avoid attracting the attention of the Martial God Temple and to ensure that the Sword Saints and other Yanxia Seals all remained in Yanshan so that they could be eliminated in one go.

And Mo Wu Ya is the son of the boxing emperor, if he has good or bad, will certainly alarm the boxing emperor.

When the time comes, the fist emperor south to revenge, undoubtedly will spoil the sect’s master plan.

Therefore, on balance, the fifth elder still decided to avoid fighting and use his absolute strength to scare Mo Wu Ya off.

“Father, is this this going to work?”

“This Elder Lord, isn’t it a bit too much?”

Meng Yilong and the others were shocked speechless by the Fifth Elder’s bewildering behavior.

Was this fighting?

This is simply pretending ah. , the

How can one stand and let someone fight when fighting.

“Maybe it’s because the art is high.”

Meng Wanjun’s eye corners twitched as he spoke in a low voice.

Faced with this Fifth Elder acting so arrogantly, Ye Fan was not polite.

With a big step, a heavy punch was slammed out.

This Fifth Elder was also worthy of being a strong person, and really said no to everything.

He really didn’t dodge.


With a boom, Ye Fan’s heavy fist steadily smashed into the Fifth Elder’s chest.

The terrifying energy immediately scattered out in all directions, sweeping in all directions.

The surrounding people were so scared that they closed their eyes.

When the power of the fist subsided, the crowd looked up.

Only to see the five elders still standing in place, did not move the slightest.

“I go!”



“Such a majestic strike did not shake the slightest bit.”

“Five Elders are mighty!”

The Meng family instantly admired all the way to the ground.

“b*****d boy, see the gap?”

“Why don’t you kneel down and beg for death for the elders?”

Meng Chuan laughed recklessly, and his vicious voice resounded in all directions.

However, as soon as his words fell, he only saw that Fifth Elder in front of him, his body jerked violently for a few times.

Immediately after that, crimson blood, mixed with pieces of broken internal organs, immediately spat out wildly.

Finally, there was a bang.

This elder of the magnificent clan, who was unbeatable just a moment ago, smashed his legs to the ground, and the whole directly knelt down.

“You you”

“You you”

“You’re not Mo Wu Ya, who the hell are you you?”

The fifth elder covered his stomach, and his entire body was in near spasms of pain.

The intense pain in his abdomen almost made him vomit out his bile.

His mouth was full of blood and his veins were rippling as he raised his head in pain and looked at the dragon headed man in front of him.

Originally, he thought that with his absolute strength, he would let the other party know what to do and retreat.

But he never thought that it would end up like this.