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Worth Deserving Chapter 1894

“It doesn’t matter who I am, you only need to know that I am the one who killed you, that alone is sufficient!”

Ye Fan’s cold voice, resounding through heaven and earth.

Morose words, a bitter killing machine, let the hearer’s heart tremble, let the hearer’s guts chill.

This Chu Sect elder naturally would not sit still and wait for death.

He gritted his teeth and forced himself to endure the pain.

His feet stomped on the earth and frantically burst back.

Soon, he distanced himself from Ye Fan!

“b*****d boy, I really underestimated you.”

“I was merciful just now.”

“I was thinking of leaving you alive, so that you would know what to do and retreat.”

“But now, it seems that it was wishful thinking on my part.”

“In that case, this Elder will not be polite with you.”

“You killed my disciple and injured my foundation.”

“Today I must bury you to the ground!”

The Fifth Elder’s eyes were red, and his old eyes were filled with ruthlessness.

The strength of the opponent had exceeded the Fifth Elder’s expectations.

Under such circumstances, the Fifth Elder could not care less about frightening the snake.

He had to strike with all his might, otherwise, he was afraid that he might really capsize in the gutter.

As he spoke, the Fifth Elder’s cultivation burst out.

In his dantian, the majestic true qi and yuan power was like a river rushing, roaring and surging madly along his sinews and veins.

Soon, a powerful and unparalleled attack poured down towards Ye Fan.

The Fifth Elder was previously worried that his attack would be dodged by his opponent.

But then he found out that he had been overly worried.

All of his own attacks steadily smashed into the body of the dragon headed man in front of him.

The chest!

The belly!

The neck!

It was like an indiscriminate bombardment, a torrent of fist power like a thousand drums, landing fiercely on Ye Fan’s body.

In the end, Ye Fan’s entire garment, under the Fifth Elder’s majestic attack, all directly burst open.

“Mr. Chu!”

“You should fight back~”

Seeing that the scene had unexpectedly taken a sharp turn for the worse.

The Fifth Elder, who had just been beaten and bleeding, had actually taken the initiative completely at this moment.

In the eyes of the crowd, Ye Fan was not even able to fight back, not even to fight back.

He was simply being abused and beaten.

Seeing the way Ye Fan was being beaten, Zhang Zixi’s heart instantly clenched.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears as she cried out with all her might.

However, her body was too weak after all.

So much so that with all the strength of her body, the voice she shouted out remained as weak as ever.


“Fight back?”

“I’ll return your paralysis!”

Meng Chuan next to him seemed to have heard Zhang Zixi’s words, and immediately rushed over and slapped Zhang Zixi on the face.

The already weak Zhang Zixi once again had blood spilling out from her red lips.

“b*tch, give up your fearless fantasy.”

“No one can save you!”

“No one can save your Zhang family either.”

“It was Fifth Elder’s carelessness just now that led him to fall into that man’s path.”

“Now with the Fifth Elder’s full outburst, that man will definitely die.”

“When the Fifth Elder defeats him, I will bring him over and light you all up in the sky together.”

“Aren’t you his woman?”

“Since you are so in love, I will let you live and die together.”

“No need to thank me, I, Meng Chuan, am always happy to help!”


At this moment, Meng Chuan’s eyes were full of fierce laughter.

Especially when he saw that Zhang Zixi, who was previously as beautiful as a fairy, was now in a mess like a dog in front of him.

The smudge of pleasure in Meng Chuan’s heart was undoubtedly even stronger!

“But Zhang Zixi, I found out that you, a man, are truly an idiot.”

“Obviously there was a chance to live.”

“Having to go and offend the Fifth Elder.”

“How about now?”

“Still not going to die here soon!”

Meng Chuan grunted and laughed.

Just now, they, the Meng family, were worried that if the Fifth Elder had let Ye Fan go, he would be a big problem in his heart later.

But who would have thought that the other party would be stupid enough to seek his own death and anger the Fifth Elder.

This time, it was to the Meng family’s liking.

While the Meng family was filled with joy, the Fifth Elder continued to pour out his power in a frenzy in the battle ahead.

He punched or kicked, chopped or slashed.

The Fifth Elder had used almost all of his kung fu in his body.

The sound of that energy bursting was like rolling flood thunder that couldn’t stop exploding.


“Die! Die!”

“To die under this Elder, you are enough to be proud of yourself.”

The Fifth Elder’s eyes were filled with a reckless smile.

Having withstood so many of his own attacks, the Fifth Elder had no doubt that this person in front of him, his internal organs were probably all shattered by himself.

However, defeating a sect master was easy, but killing a sect master was difficult.

To kill a Sealed Patriarch was undoubtedly even more difficult.

Therefore, the Fifth Elder did not dare to take any chances, not to mention giving Ye Fan any chance to catch his breath.

He was prepared to take him away directly with a set of consecutive moves.

Let this b*****d kid, not even have a chance to fight back!

“This is the end!”

“Before you die, I will let you see the sure kill technique of our clan!”

The Fifth Elder let out a long whistle.

The Chu Clan’s three stunts instantly appeared in awe.

The flying wolf danced, the fierce tiger roared, and the rising dragon rose to the sky.

The terrifying power brought up by these three consecutive strokes was like a volcanic eruption, spewing out.

Finally, it struck Ye Fan fiercely on top of his chest!

Black hair flew and his robe exploded into thunder.

As everyone watched, the mark on Ye Fan’s body and robe shattered directly into powder.

“Mr. Chu!”

“Mr. Chu!”

At this moment, Zhang Zixi cried out with tears in her eyes.

Lu Zi Ming was also wide-eyed with fear.

The Meng family members were filled with smiles in their eyes.

The Fifth Elder who had started it all was even laughing wantonly and fiercely.

However, just as everyone was waiting, Ye Fan’s body, like that garment, was also beaten into millions of pieces.


Suddenly, a dragon roar resounded through the clouds!

Immediately afterwards, everyone could only see that a golden light rose up from above the man’s body.

Lines of dragons, as if they were springing up after rain, emerged from above his sinew and skin.

It was as if, the Dragon God was protecting his body and Vajra was in the world!

“This this”

“This this is”

“Dragon Dragon God Body!!!”

The words practically roared out of the Fifth Elder’s mouth.

He stared at the scene in front of him with dead eyes in disbelief.

“This this can’t be?”

“How how?”

“How can you you possibly know the Dragon God Body?”

The Fifth Elder was simply going crazy.

His eyes were almost blazing open.

One must know that the Dragon God Body was the Chu Family’s supreme mastery.

Apart from the Chu Family’s successive family heads, only their Sect Master Tang Yun still mastered it.

Of course, there was another person who also knew it.

However, that person was already dead.

Naturally, he was not a consideration!

But now, the Fifth Elder had never expected to see the Dragon God Body again in this northern part of the Yanxia River, in the land of the West Lake.

After a brief moment of fear, the Fifth Elder could no longer care about the big picture of face.

He turned his head and ran!

As a member of the Chu Sect, he was well aware of the power of the Dragon God Body.

A Sealed Patriarch who had mastered the Dragon God Body was by no means something he could deal with.

If he continued to stand any longer, he would definitely lose.

Therefore, the only way out for now was to flee!

“D*mn D*mn D*mn D*mn!”

“He actually knows the Dragon God Body?”

“How can he know the Dragon God Body?”

“Young Lord Tian Qi doesn’t even know it, how could he”

While the Fifth Elder ran frantically, his heart was cursing frantically.

No wonder, just now he allowed me to attack without moving a bit.

No wonder, he was not afraid to face my majesty.

So, this was what he was relying on.

“D*mn it, why is there such a monster in Jiangbei!”

The situation in Jiangbei that he had so carefully planned for was now undoubtedly all ruined.

All his efforts had gone down the drain.

However, it could not be said that nothing had been gained.

At least, the existence and appearance of this person is undoubtedly an extremely valuable existence for the Chu Sect.

When the time came, they would undoubtedly be more prepared when the Chu Sect set out on Yan Mountain.

“If you had honestly hidden away and become a reclusive high ranking person, you might have been able to live out your life.”

“But now, you have stepped in to interfere with my Chu Sect’s time.”

“It won’t take long for my Tang Yun Sect Master to come to Yanxia with his army, and you will be the first one to sacrifice your flag!”

“Wait for death, you!”

The Fifth Elder was also a person who was not willing to be lonely.

As he fled, he didn’t forget to turn his head and say some harsh words to Ye Fan to show off his tongue.


“Where is the man?”

“Where did he run off to?!!!”

However, it did not matter if the Fifth Elder did not turn around.

As soon as he turned around, he instantly found that the Dragon Headed Man, who had originally been left behind by him, had gone to nowhere.

The place where Ye Fan was before was actually empty!!!