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Worth Deserving Chapter 1895

For a moment, a bad feeling crossed the Fifth Elder’s mind.

Until he slowly turned around.

Sure enough, at the front of the path, that thin figure had, at an unknown time, blocked his path.


At that moment, the Fifth Elder only felt that a nuclear bomb had exploded in his mind.

His mind went blank, and all that remained was the sky-rushing mushroom cloud lingering.


“How could it be so fast?”

The Fifth Elder had gone completely mad.

He had thought that the other party’s reliance was only on the Dragon God Body.

However, he had never expected that this person’s speed would still be so fast.

When he wasn’t paying attention, he had actually rushed to his front.

“I told you, you won’t be able to get away.”

The faint words had sounded out.

Then, the energy that covered the heavens and the earth swept out from Ye Fan’s body.

The terrifying majesty was like a titanic mountain falling down, pressing the Fifth Elder down to the point where he could not move an inch.

In his heart, he was left with nothing but despair and fear!

Finally, Ye Fan lifted his palm.

As if summoned, the elimination power in a ten-mile radius also converged towards Ye Fan’s palm.

Chu Wenfei and the others were shocked to see that the moment Ye Fan raised his palm, it was as if the heaven and earth had cracked open, and the enormous energy gathered into an energy tornado that stretched for tens of metres.

It was only at this moment that the Fifth Elder finally felt the threat of death.


“You you can’t kill me!”

“I am an elder of the Chu Sect.”

“If you kill me, I, Sect Master Tang Yun, will definitely not spare you.”

“It will be that your whole family will be sacrificed!”

The Fifth Elder’s eyes were full of fear and his face was looming.

He still had blood on the corner of his mouth, but he roared hysterically at Huan Ye Fan.

At that moment, the storm swept wildly.

The Fifth Elder’s voice was smashed to pieces.

Onlookers could not hear it clearly at all, but Ye Fan could hear it truly.

In particular, when the word “Tang Yun” entered his ears, Lu Ziming and Zhang Zixi could clearly see that Ye Fan’s body, which was originally like a king’s, shuddered abruptly.

It was as if a blazing fire was met with rain, and Ye Fan’s terrifying might, which was enough to terrify the whole of Jiangbei, receded at this moment with a speed visible to the naked eye.

It was like, a blazing fire being doused.

“What’s wrong with Mr. Chu?”

“What is this this?”

“Why did he stop again?”

“Kill him while you still have the chance!”

Lu Zi Ming was all anxious.

Originally, he had all thought that the battle was going to end with this strike from Ye Fan.

But who would have thought that at the crucial moment, Ye Fan would withdraw his divine ability.

Unlike Lu Ziming’s doubts, Zhang Zixi looked at Ye Fan from afar, and her pretty face froze.

This was because, she clearly felt that Ye Fan’s aura had completely changed.

If it was said, a few seconds ago, the man in front of her was still a murderous and decisive Nine Heavenly Demon God. But now, the chilliness of his body had dissipated, and all of his original aura had now turned into watery tenderness.

She did not know whose name Ye Fan had actually heard.

But Zhang Zixi had a feeling that that person, should be the one whom Mr. Chu loved dearly.

Or rather, it should be someone who was deeply entangled with Ye Fan, in a very deep way.

Thinking of this, Zhang Zixi’s heart was full of loss.

She had come too late after all.

Mr. Chu’s heart, indeed, had long since taken up residence in another woman.


“How’s that, you’re scared, right?”

“b*****d, as long as you destroy your own cultivation, kneel down and beg for forgiveness, and swear that today’s incident will never be pa*sed on, this Elder can guarantee that in the future, after my Chu Sect has unified the world, I will leave you alive!”

“If not, I, Master Tang Yun, will have your bones scattered to the ground!”

“Don’t take any chances. Back then, there was a Patriarch of Yanxia, who was named the Peerless, and whose strength was unparalleled in the world.”

“But in the end, you still fell at the hands of my Chu Sect!”

“A lesson from the past, I advise you not to be insensitive.”

Seeing Ye Fan withdraw his might, the Fifth Elder a*sumed that the other party was afraid of their Chu Sect and of their Tang Yun Sect Master.

Thus, the Fifth Elder immediately regained his previous confidence and arrogance.

While laughing, he threatened the man in front of him.

Ye Fan, however, did not pay any attention to his words.

He just looked at him, his gaze deep and distant.

The corners of his lips trembled “Is she, okay?”

The low and slow words rang out.

But who knew how many emotions were contained in these few words of the man in front of him.

Even for the strongest of men, there are always a few people’s names in this world that, when heard, can instantly break through all their defences.

Just like Ye Fan in front of him.

He had thought that the events of that year had long since calmed down.

However, when her name appeared in his ears again, that graceful and luxurious figure still came to his mind uncontrollably.

Ye Fan would never forget that year on Chu Mun Mountain when he was at the end of his rope and the world was his enemy.

But there was a silly girl who, at a time when he had nothing, gave up her great power and splendour, ignored the worldly constraints and the hardships of the road ahead, and went with him without a second thought.

It was he, Chu Tianfan, who had failed her.

After all, he was unable to take her away.

Now that several years had pa*sed, Ye Fan didn’t know what her situation was now.

The Fifth Elder froze “You what are you talking about?”

“Who is well?”

“Our Tang Yun Sect Master?”

The Fifth Elder looked at Ye Fan in a somewhat puzzled manner.

He only felt that the dragon headed man in front of him was somewhat baffled.

How dare he ask himself if the Sect Master was good.

What a joke!

Does it matter to him if his own Sect Master is good or not?

Probably, another mangy toad who covets our Chu Sect Master.

The Fifth Elder grunted and laughed, full of disdain.

Tang Yun was a recognized goddess in the martial arts world, with more than just the appearance of a sunken fish, but also the power of a magnificent woman.

It was the ideal of almost all sealed sect masters.

Even Ye Qingtian, the God of War of Yanxia, had been a suitor of their sect master.

Therefore, when he heard that this man in front of him also seemed to have some thoughts about his Sect Master, the Fifth Elder naturally felt ridiculous.

He only thought that the other party was truly a toad trying to eat the flesh of a swan, simply delusional!

However, thinking of this, a wry look pa*sed through the Fifth Elder’s eyebrows, thinking that perhaps he could make use of it.


“Our Sect Master, these years, has not had a good time.”

“What’s wrong? Did Chu Yuan make things difficult for her?” Ye Fan’s words were clearly a little eager.

Seeing that the other party had taken the bait, the Fifth Elder continued, “Not really. It’s mainly the woman, I guess, and as you know, Fang Hua is only so many years old.”

“Although our Tang Yun Sect Master is a sealed sect master, her youthful years last far longer than ordinary people. But with such a large family business to run alone, it is a bit tiring and lonely, and she is longing for someone to know her heart.

“But if we look around the world’s martial dao, we can’t find a man who can match our Sect Master’s magnificence?”

The Fifth Elder sighed, his words filled with worry.

When the man in front of him heard this, his eyelids lowered slightly, as if he was thinking.

“It is now!”

It was too late to say.

The moment the Fifth Elder saw Ye Fan’s origin, he joined his fingers into a sword and plunged it straight into Ye Fan’s throat.

At this moment, how close the two were to each other.

At such a distance, the Fifth Elder was certain that the other party would not be able to react in time.


As expected, just as the Fifth Elder had expected, his fingertip smoothly pierced through Ye Fan’s throat.


“Why is there no blood?”

However, before the Fifth Elder had time to rejoice, he resolutely discovered that there was no blood coming out from the man in front of him.

“D*mn it!”

“It’s a residual shadow!”

The Fifth Elder quickly reacted, his expression changed drastically, and he immediately burst back.

However, it was already too late.

When Ye Fan’s shadow dispersed, the heaven and earth before him, the heaven-obscuring palm seal, had already taken shape.

The third style of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi, the Heaven Turning Seal!

The supreme might fell with a bang.