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Worth Deserving Chapter 1896



The Fifth Elder was horrified.

Eyes filled with blood.

Terrified, he looked at that familiar and terrifying palm print, which was getting closer and closer.

In the end, the entire body of the Fifth Elder was still struck by that heaven-shattering palm print.

With a deafening sound, everyone saw the entire body of the Fifth Elder explode from the neck down.

Fresh blood mixed with flesh and blood, scattering the heavens and earth.

Finally, wrapped by the fierce palm wind, he fell into the West Lake.

The water of the flat lake and the mountains was red with blood.

Only the head remained, like a slippery ice-cold gourd, falling to the ground and rolling around several times.

However, even so, the Fifth Elder still did not die immediately.

The only remaining head, &bsp&bsp surprisingly, still had a few bits of sanity and breath left.

The pair of old eyes, which were glazed into the size of copper bells, looked deadly at the dragon headed man in front of them.

The Dragon God Body, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi, as well as this slim figure, and that somewhat familiar aura.

It was only at this moment that the Fifth Elder felt that he had finally guessed who this person in front of him, was.

He was Chu Tianfan!

It was the Chu Tianfan who had gone up to the Chu Sect alone back then and stirred up the entire Chu Sect Mountain with his own strength.

He was not dead.

He’s back!!!

After coming to this shocking conclusion the Fifth Elder, not knowing what means he had used, the only remaining head began to tremble, tracing circles along the ground uncontrollably.

The crimson blood even formed a bizarre pattern on the ground.

At the same time, ten thousand miles away, at the top of the Chu Gate Mountain in the land of the Han Sea.

The blue sky was originally calm and silent.

Suddenly, there were several lines of bright red blood letters that appeared in the sky of Chu Men Mountain.


“What’s that?”

“Quickly go and report to the Sect Master!”


The sect members above the mountain gate realised that something was terribly wrong.

In a flash, the entire Chu Men Mountain began to stir.

From the bottom of the mountain to the top, tens of thousands of sect members were terrified and frightened.

In the end, even the several great elders on Chu Sect Mountain, as well as Sect Master Tang Yun, were alarmed out.

“This is the Heavenly Blood Transmission Technique!”

“Only those above the rank of Elder of my Chu Sect know it.”

Grand Elder Tang Xian’s face was stony as he tilted his head and looked into the void.

“It’s the Fifth Elder.”

“It is he who is sending us a message.”

At the top of the Chu Sect, a graceful silhouette stood in the wake of the world.

Long skirts fluttered, and lavender earrings swayed faintly in the wind.

The noble and stunning aura made thousands of people ashamed of themselves.

At this moment, the Lord of the Chu Sect is looking far into the sky, expressionless.

A clear, cold voice rang out slowly.

For a moment, everyone on Chu Sect Mountain looked up.

They only wanted to know what kind of important message it was that had caused the Fifth Elder to convey it in such a manner.

Soon, in the void, the countless blood lines converged towards the same place as if they were being pulled.

Finally, several fonts, in the pupils of the crowd, slowly came into focus.

“He’s back!!!”

“That man has returned!”


The Fifth Elder’s words didn’t seem to be finished.

It seemed that in the next sentence, the man’s name would be spoken.

However, no one knew why, the movement suddenly came to an abrupt halt.

In the void, the font made from the convergence of blood lines even shattered like gla*s in an instant.

“What’s going on?”

“Why did it stop?”

“Why didn’t the Fifth Elder continue?”

“Who the hell is back?”

“Who is he?”

Seeing this scene, there was trepidation on Chu Mun Mountain.

The crowd did not know what had actually happened.

Even more so, they did not know who the man the Fifth Elder was talking about was.

Moreover, although it was just words.

But through this sparse information, the crowd could still tell how frightened and terrified the Fifth Elder was at this moment.

After all, incoherent words like these could only be uttered when one was in a situation of unparalleled panic.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Old Three, contact Old Five via the internal network immediately!”

“This old thing is a bunch of nonsense, after talking for half a day, he hasn’t told us who is actually coming back?”

Eldest Elder Tang Xian said with a black old face, cursing and swearing.

At the same time, he immediately sent someone to use other means to get in touch with the Fifth Elder.

However, a few words from the Chu Sect’s Sect Master Tang Yun caused the entire Chu Sect people, to fall silent.

“There’s no need to waste your efforts.”

“He’s dead.”

“I guess when these messages are conveyed again, he will know that he won’t survive.”

Tang Yun glanced towards the ancient east, and as she said this, her heart, too, pondered.

Who was the man the Fifth Elder was talking about?

Who, in the end, had come back!

In this world, what other person could cause the elders of the strongest sect in the world to be so terrified that they were speaking incoherently and couldn’t pick a point.

“Dead dead?”

“How is this this possible?”

“The Fifth Elder is a sealed strength!”

“Unless those old things from Yan Mountain combined their efforts to surround him, otherwise, with Old Fifth’s skills, even if he couldn’t fight, he should be able to retreat in one piece!”

On Chu Sect Mountain, the crowd was filled with shock.

No one knew what terrible things had happened in the land of Yanxia, ten thousand miles away.

“It seems that something extraordinary has appeared in the Land of Yanxia again.”

Grand Elder Tang Xian quickly focused on the main point as well.

He reckoned that it was all related to the man that the Fifth Elder had spoken of, right?

But why was it said back.

Could it be that that man had come before?

If that was the case, this undoubtedly meant that they, the Chu Sect, should know that man.

Who could it be?

Just as Tang Xian was filled with doubts, not far away, a handsome young man, dressed in a black suit with a white shirt trimmed in silver, had a white silk scarf folded in his chest pocket.

The blue tie was tied in the form of a bow.

The image of an elegant nobleman leapt to mind.

“Young master!”

“Young master!”

Upon seeing this man, the strong men of the Chu Clan who roamed the mountain bowed and saluted.

But he was oblivious, walking past everyone’s respectful gazes with his hands in his pockets.

His deep turquoise eyes seemed to have twin pupils, and if one looked into them, one could see a golden divine flower swirling in the depths of his eyes.

It was only when this man reached Tang Yun that he put away his unparalleled arrogance and majesty and bowed to Tang Yun, “Teacher!”

Seeing his appearance, Grand Elder Tang Xian’s mind instantly jolted.

“It’s Chu Zhenghong!”

“Sect Master, that man Old Five spoke of, could it be Chu Zhenghong?!”

Tang Xian asked fearfully.

He, who had always been calm, could hardly remain bashful even when he thought of this answer.



West Lake.

The breeze is light and the green willows are swaying.

The beauty of the West Lake in March is breathtaking.

However, the people here no longer have time to enjoy this beautiful scenery.

All of them were looking ahead with frightened eyes.

There, a man with a dragon head mask crushed a head with one foot.

Blood mixed with brain matter, flowing all over the ground.

Ye Fan’s eyes were filled with indifference.

The fall of a Sealed Patriarch did not cause any ripples in his heart.

Only, there was some regret in his heart.

This old thing had not been honest enough to tell him about Tang Yun’s recent situation after all.

It was just that there would always be another trip.

When the time came, he would go and ask for it himself.

As for now, it was better to clean up the a*sholes in Jiangbei first.

After crushing the Chu Sect elders, Ye Fan’s gaze, fell back on the Meng family’s people.

This time, the Meng family members no longer had anything to rely on.

Facing Ye Fan, they were already fish meat on the chopping board and would be at his mercy.

“For what?”

“Why do you want to kill us?”

“I don’t understand!”

“Why, is it because of the Zhang family?”

“What has the Zhang family given you that my Meng family is willing to give twice as much. No, ten times!”

“My Meng family has plenty of money, and so do the family beauties.”

“As long as senior lets us go, the treasures of my clan are yours to take!”

“The women of my clan are also at senior’s disposal!”

“The women of my Meng clan are gentle and beautiful, and their beauty and figure are not half as good as Zhang Zixi’s. They have a lot of style!”

“Be a slave or a concubine, you can pick them up.”

“I only beg you to spare my Meng family!!!”