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Worth Deserving Chapter 1897

The Chu Sect elders had been exterminated.

Looking at the blood all over the ground, as well as the crushed heads under Ye Fan’s feet, Meng Wanjun was terrified.

He knew that all of their cards had been used up.

Now, the only way to live was perhaps to kneel down and beg for mercy.

“Please, please”

“Please, sir, spare my Meng family.”

“As long as you spare us, our Meng family will obey your orders.”

“From now on, in Jiangbei, you will be the most respected person.”

“What the Zhang family gives you, we can give.”

“And, can give even more.”

“Now that the Zhang family has been wiped out by my Meng family, there are just those one or two people left, and they will hardly be able to support Jiangbei in the future, much less serve you.”

“But our Meng family is as strong as ever, with all its elites.”

“We will be able to defend this land for you!”

Meng Wanjun knelt on the ground.

Just a moment ago, the Meng family head, who had been the leader of the group and wanted to become the Lord of Jiangbei, was now as humble as a dog in front of Ye Fan.

His eyes were full of uncertainty, and with the most humble tone and loyal words, he asked for Ye Fan’s forgiveness.

Meng Chuan and the others were even more at a loss for words.

The entire Meng family was on their knees, like prisoners on death row, asking the monarch to spare their lives.

Hearing Meng Wanjun’s words, Zhang Jiuling’s heart went cold.

Lu Zi Ming also said in his heart, “This is bad.

After all, just as Meng Wanjun had said, the value of the Meng family was now far more than a few of them.

In fact, in the end, in Lu Zi Ming’s and their minds, the reason why Ye Fan came to their rescue today was entirely because of the agreement between the Zhang family and Ye Fan.

The Zhang family guarded Qiu Mu Orange for Ye Fan, while Ye Fan sheltered the Zhang family.

But now, the Zhang family was finished.

As for protecting Qiu Mu Orange, the Meng Family could have done a better job.

Under this situation, Ye Fan was, however, no longer motivated to save them.

For a while, Lu Zi Ming, Zhang Zixi and Zhang Jiuling were all in despair.

Especially Zhang Jiuling, he himself was an old man, so he could die.

But his granddaughter was still young.

The young, but to be fragrant, Zhang Jiuling is full of regret.

Helpless, Zhang Jiuling gritted his teeth, forcing his body to endure the weakness in the body, to Ye Fan begged “Mr. Chu Chu, my Zhang family knows that I have no value.”

“But but only please Mr. Chu for the sake of my granddaughter is young, can let her live.”

“Although Zizi Shi is far inferior to Mr. Chu in strength, she has good martial arts talent and is even more attractive.”

“I only ask that Mr. Chu, can keep her by his side.”

“I don’t ask to be Mr. Chu’s wife and concubine, I just ask that Zixi can serve Mr. Chu with food, clothing and shelter, and be a maid that follows him around.”

“In that case, I, Zhang Jiuling, will definitely pray for Mr. Chu day and night after I enter the nine springs.”

Zhang Jiuling’s voice was weak, and his words rang out slowly with begging.

It was not enough for him to die, he only wanted to let her granddaughter live.

“Grandpa, don’t.”

“Grandfather, if you die, my granddaughter would not want to live alone”

Zhang Zixi shook her head uncontrollably, tears sliding down her pretty face.

“Silly girl, don’t don’t be silly.”

“You you have a long life ahead of you, one’s life has only just begun.”

“After I die, you you will follow and serve Mr. Chu for the rest of your life.”

“Take Mr. Chu, when as your only support.”

Zhang Jiuling explained in a tone of entrusting an orphan.

At the side, Lu Zi Ming was silent, only sighing uncontrollably.

As the saying goes, one mountain does not allow two tigers.

If Ye Fan had really chosen the Meng family to be the administrator of Jiangbei.

He and Zhang Jiuling, were bound to become outcasts.

The only ending would be death.

However, Ye Fan ignored Zhang Jiuling after all.

He had only met the Zhang family in pa*sing, and had only met them once in total, so there was no talk of friendship.

Ye Fan’s indifference and disregard caused Zhang Jiuling’s heart to freeze in every inch.

After all, he was still unwilling to grant him even the slightest request.

At this moment, Zhang Jiuling’s heart was filled with loss.

He did not blame Ye Fan.

Ye Fan did not owe their Zhang family anything in the first place.

On the contrary, he, Zhang Jiuling, as the leader of the Yanxia Jiangbei Martial Dao back then, had accused Ye Fan, and had even seen him die without saving him when he was in danger.

It was only right that Ye Fan did not help him.

Seeing the situation before him, Meng Wanjun was undoubtedly overjoyed.

Immediately, he led the way and said, “Quickly, follow me to pay respects to the new king of Jiangbei.”

“After today, all of my Meng family will respect you!”

“If anyone dares to show any disrespect to you, I will break his legs and throw him into the river to feed the fish!”

Meng Wanjun was a man of the world, and even before Ye Fan replied, he had already told the people of his family to worship Ye Fan as their master.

However, Ye Fan let out a cold laugh.

“If you hadn’t touched Sugar, Uncle Hu, or Auntie Yue, it would have been a good idea to let you guys take charge of Jiangbei.”

“But you shouldn’t have touched Auntie Yue and the others.”

“They’re just the most ordinary people in this world, they’ve worked so hard to live in this world, they’ve used everything to achieve the peace and happiness they have today.”

“But you guys, why don’t you even give them this little bit of happiness.”

“Is it because you are the richest people in Jiangbei?”

“Because you have power and influence?”

“So, are you that fond of trampling on the dignity and happiness of ordinary people?”

Ye Fan shook his head, and within his low, slow words, there was all the moroseness in the world.

No one knew what kind of anger was rising inside Ye Fan’s seemingly calm exterior!

When Meng Wanjun heard this, he was a little flustered.

“Mr. Xian, what are you you talking about?”

“I I don’t understand.”

“What ordinary people, what Uncle Hu, I don’t, our Meng family didn’t trample on any ordinary people ah”

“There’s been a mistake, you you must have made a mistake.”

Meng Wanjun couldn’t stop shaking his head.

“Is that so?”

“If you don’t know, then ask your son.”

Ye Fan’s gaze, fell on Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan’s body immediately gave a jolt “You’re the one from the auction?”

Meng Chuan quickly realised something.

Because, he remembered that the family living in the city village that he had let people deal with before was indeed surnamed Hu.

Thinking of this, Meng Chuan instantly panicked.

He hurriedly rushed towards Ye Fan and knelt down, his nose and tears flowing all over his face as he knelt down and begged for forgiveness “Mr. Xian, I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, I won’t dare to do it again.”

“I’ll pay for it, I’m willing to pay for it, I’ll give them lots and lots of money.”

“I will give them medical treatment and rebuild their house.”

“Please, sir, spare my life.”

Meng Chuan couldn’t stop kneeling and begging.

When Meng Wanjun saw this, everything instantly became clear.

“Yes it’s you!”

“It’s you, the beast!!!”

Meng Wanjun climbed up and put a foot on Meng Chuan’s face.

“Son of a b*tch, how did I, Meng Wanjun, give birth to such an a*shole as you?”

“My Meng family is dead because of you!”

Meng Wanjun broke down in tears, his heart mourning and angry.

He had previously wondered what he had done to offend the entire person in front of him.

Only now did he realise that all this calamity was because of this b*****d son of his.

In his fury, Meng Wanjun directly broke Meng Chuan’s legs, beating him to a bloody pulp.

After he got tired of beating him, he knelt down again and begged Ye Fan to spare his life.

“I gave you guys a chance.”

“But what was the result?”

“Sugar suffered because of me, Auntie Yue met with hardship because of me, and Uncle Hu’s house was even torched by you.”

“I won’t be merciful anymore.”

“There are some people who should never have been spared.”

Ye Fan shook his head, and with one sentence, he directly declared their death sentence.


A few breaths later, a heaven-obscuring palm seal instantly fell.

Half of the lake island was buried deep into the West Lake, along with the Meng family.

The crimson blood once again stained the lake red.

In the early spring of that year, Chu Tianfan came to Jiangbei again.

From then on, there was no more Meng family in Jiangbei!