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Worth Deserving Chapter 1898

Lin’an City People’s Hospital.

Auntie Yue’s family was already out of life-threatening condition and was in the ward with an IV drip.

“Little Fan, is it really all settled?”

“Those bad guys, are they really really not coming?”

At this moment, Hu Yipeng and Yue Yingchun were both filled with suspicion.

They still had some doubts about what Ye Fan had said.

After all, the Meng family was the richest man in Jiangbei.

Their reputation had been known for decades.

Almost all of the wealthy merchants in the entire Lin’an City survived under the shadow of the Meng family.

To Hu Yipeng and his family, such a family was a mountainous behemoth.

Now, Ye Fan told them that the bad guys had been defeated and that there would be no more Meng family in Jiangbei.

Hu Yipeng and his family were naturally suspicious.

Ye Fan smiled and didn’t say anything.

He just turned on the television and tuned the channel to Jiangbei TV.

At this moment, a news item was being broadcast.

“Meng Group is suspected of illegal fund raising and operating in violation of the rules.”

“The relevant departments have opened a case for investigation!”

“All of its a*sets have been frozen and seized!”

“The Meng family’s top bra*s, without exception, are all involved in the case and have been wiped out by the police!”

“Meng Wanjun, the head of the Meng family, committed suicide.”

A piece of news came out from the television screen.

On the screen was a sweet-looking reporter holding a microphone and reporting to the audience.

The scene was even filled with images of the Meng family in desolation, with women and children being taken out of the Meng family’s estate one after another, and some being pressed into cars in handcuffs by the police.

The former richest man in Jiangbei was shown his decline and demise in a live manner in front of everyone in Jiangbei.

“How can this be true?”

Hu Yipeng’s eyes were huge.

Yue Yingchun even covered her red lips in surprise.

Having grown up in Lin’an, they were well aware of the enormous energy of the Meng family in both the political and business worlds.

It was not too much to say that they were the emperors of the land over here.

Over the years, the Meng family had done quite a few things out of the ordinary, especially the Meng family’s Crown Prince Meng Chuan, who had harmed many women.

However, the Meng family is so powerful that even the local authorities can do nothing about it. Even local officials have to rely on the Meng family’s support to advance in their careers.

Therefore, in the face of the Meng family’s bullying, the people of Jiangbei basically dared not speak out in anger.

But Hu Yipeng and the others never imagined that such a prestigious family, which had great influence at the local level, would be moved down overnight.

“Thank you to the government, thank you to the country, thank you to the parent officials ah”

At this moment, Hu Yipeng and his wife were in tears.

These days, all the aggression, fear and anger in their hearts were vented out as much as they could when they saw the destruction of the Meng family.

When Ye Fan saw this, he smiled gently, “What makes you even more thankful is still to come, I told the state about you, and the state said that it would take out a portion of the Meng family’s remaining a*sets to compensate you.”

“The house, the furniture, the medical expenses, all will be compensated to you.”

“For the specific matters, someone should be arranged to talk to you guys later.”

Listening to Ye Fan’s words, the couple became more and more excited “Little Fan, quick, take us to the city hall, we want to thank them in person, they saved us.”

The Hu Yipeng couple were nearly desperate.

Their home was destroyed, and they didn’t know where to raise the high medical bills.

But now, all &bsp&bsp things are settled.

They once again see hope in life.

“Uncle Hu, Auntie Yue, it’s not too late to say thank you later, for now, you guys get better first.”

Ye Fan calmed them down.

However, after the excitement, Hu Yipeng and his wife looked at Sugar, whose face was covered in bandages, and the couple once again left tears in their hearts.

The fire set by the Meng family that day had burnt Sugar’s skin.

Half of her face was badly burned.

The doctor said that it was basically impossible to recover completely.

They could only minimise the extent of the scars.

This was undoubtedly a fatal blow to Mr and Mrs Hu Yipeng.

Sugar was still so young, her most beautiful age had not yet arrived, yet she suffered such bad luck.

“In the future, there is still that boy, who will marry her.”

Yue Yingchun’s eyes kept falling with tears.

Ye Fan tried his best to comfort her, “Auntie Yue, I will think of a way. I have a friend who is very skilled in medicine, she is not even able to kill people, I will ask her to cure Sugar.”

“Besides, if she can’t be cured, don’t I still have me?”

“Sugar said she would marry me in the future.”

Ye Fan joked and tried his best to regulate the atmosphere.

Yue Yingchun and his wife, who were in tears, were also amused by Ye Fan’s words.

“Brat, still wanting the old cow to eat the young gra*s.”

By the afternoon.

Yue Yingchun and his wife were pushed by the nurse to go for a check-up.

In the ward, only Ye Fan was accompanying Sugar.

The little one was dewy-eyed and couldn’t stop looking at Ye Fan, his little hand clutching the corner of Ye Fan’s coat.

It seemed that this was the only way to give the frightened little girl a moment of peace and tranquillity inside.

Ye Fan sat on the edge of the bed, peeling an orange for Sugar.

In front of the ward, however, were three people kneeling there.

It was, quite literally, Lu Zi Ming, Zhang Jiuling and Zhang Zixi, who had been imprisoned by the Meng family that day.

After a day of convalescence, the three recovered a little strength, and ignoring the &bsp&bsp injuries on their bodies, they came to Ye Fan, kneeling in front of him.

One is to thank Ye Fan for saving their lives.

Secondly, to express their apologies like Ye Fan.

They failed to protect Ye Fan’s friend.

“Little Fan, what is this this?”

“These three are.”

Yue Yingchun and his wife, who had returned from the inspection, were full of astonishment when they saw the three people kneeling at the door.

Ye Fan smiled “Auntie Yue, don’t pay attention. You and Uncle Hu want to eat oranges, I peeled some for you too.”

Ye Fan ignored the three of them as if he didn’t see them.


“He he is, Chief Lu Lu?”

At this time, the nurse let out a scream.

Soon, the hospital’s president director all rushed over.

After seeing Lu Zi Ming, they were all terrified.

“Chief Lu, what are you you doing?”

“Get up!”

The leaders of the hospital were all terrified and respectfully tried to pull Lu Ziming up.

The Yue Yingchun couple beside them looked confused and asked the little nurse at the side who this was.

“Auntie, he is the head of the Lu family, Lu Ziming.”

“It’s the biggest shareholder of our hospital.”


“Lv Lv Ziming?”

“The one who is the head of the Lui family?”

Hu Yipeng went crazy when he heard that.

Although the Lv family had fallen for several years, its might back then was as powerful as thunder.

Even though the Lu Family was not as glorious as it used to be now, a thin camel was bigger than a horse.

In Yue Yingchun’s eyes, this kind of person was undoubtedly a big shot.

For a moment, Hu Yipeng and his wife panicked.

They hurriedly shouted respectfully for Mr. Lu to get up.

But Lu Ziming ignored them and continued to kneel in submission.

Finally, amidst Yue Yingchun’s shocked gaze, Lu Zi Ming grabbed the ground with his head and bowed heavily, “Mr. Chu, the Meng family has been destroyed, and there is no head in Jiangbei.”

“Please, Mr. Chu, ascend to the top and take the reins of Jiangbei!”

“I, Lu Zi Ming, would like to lead the Lu family and follow their lead!”

“I, Zhang Jiuling”

“Zhang Zixi”

“Please, Mr. Chu, take the reins of Jiangbei!”

Both Zhang Jiuling and his grandson also bowed their heads.


Zhang Jiu-ling?

That old family head of the Zhang family?

Hearing the old man’s name, Hu Yipeng’s entire body trembled once again.

The Zhang Family, this was a hidden family in Jiangbei.

The energy capability was not weaker than the Meng Family in the slightest.

But now, this old generation of great powerhouse was kneeling here, begging for someone to ascend to the top of Jiangbei.

Hu Yipeng had gone mad.

He no longer dared to imagine what kind of &bsp&bsp figure it was that could make these two willing to bend over backwards to become ministers.

“Xiaofan, you fellow, don’t come over quickly.”

“Those who don’t know, still think it’s you who are worshipping.”

Seeing that Ye Fan was exactly in the direction of their head worship, Yue Yingchun was so frightened that she hurriedly shouted for Ye Fan to hide out.

This level of matter was not something they could touch.

However, Ye Fan acted as if he had not heard their words.

Still sitting on the edge of the bed, he peeled off a flap of sentence and gently brought it to Sugar’s mouth.

At the same time, a faint voice, came out of his mouth.

“As I said, I have no intention of taking power over Jiangbei.”

“All I care about is that there are people I care about here.”

“Go back.”

“The land of Jiangbei should still be in the hands of the people of Jiangbei.”