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Worth Deserving Chapter 1905

Noa had never thought that there was such a majestic and domineering man in the world.

At this moment, in front of Ye Fan, Noa felt, for the first time, that she was so small, with humble.

It was just like what this man had said.

Right now, she was just a plaything under this man.

Just by raising his hand, he could decide whether she would live or die.

In the face of death, all the noble blood and birth she had once been proud of paled in comparison.

Of course, she was no longer in a position to speak of nobility and dignity.

As her clothes shattered, all her nobility shattered with her.

She fell to her knees, no longer struggling, just sobbing with tears and misery.

“May… Can, no… Not kill me.”

“I… I don’t want to die…”

The young girl’s voice trembled, low and inaudible.

But Ye Fan still heard it.

He looked down on this woman beneath him as if he were looking down on a mole.

His fingers frosted the teacup in his hand and he smiled playfully, “Venerable young lady, are you begging me?”

“But it’s just a pity that it’s none of my business whether you want to die or not.”

“A person who has offended me and is useless, what reason do you think I have to spare her?”

Ye Fan’s faint words carried a majesty that defied all beings.

He did not like killing people.

However, a woman who threatened to burn him to death, Ye Fan would not let go either.

“Take one last look at this world.”

“You don’t have much time left.”

“When I finish this cup of tea, that’s when your life will end.”

The hall had long since been empty of bystanders.

Ye Fan did not kill her immediately, perhaps because he was too lonely.

Leaving her behind, at least there was someone to talk to before he finished his tea.


In the void, the tea leaves like swords were still hanging high.

Like the Sword of Damocles, it would descend upon the human world to judge sin whenever Ye Fan gave the command.

The feeling that the throat of life was being strangled made Noa fearful to the extreme.

She finally realised that not everyone in this world treated her like a princess, nor did everyone protect her and respect her.

She also realised that it was useless to beg if she was not worthy.

But she didn’t want to die, she wanted to live.

She was not yet an adult, she still wanted to meet her prince, she still had so many unfulfilled dreams.

She didn’t want to die.

So, in desperation, Noa did everything she could to prove her worth to Ye Fan.

Money, power, status…

She tried almost everything.

She even promised Ye Fan that only if she was spared, she would offer him half of her a*sets after she inherited her father’s throne and took the reins of the family.

However, Ye Fan continued to shake his head.

“What more do you want?”

“Is this not enough?”

“Half of my family’s a*sets, that would be an incomparably huge amount of wealth, enough for you to squander for ten lifetimes.”

“Why don’t you leave me alone?”

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?”


The girl finally broke down, throwing her head back and bawling.

It was the first time she had come across such a man.

Everything she had ever been proud of, this man seemed to disdain.

Not wealth, not status, he even promised to make him the mayor of the city, but he still didn’t want it.

She was devastated, she didn’t know what to do anymore, could she only wait for death in despair.

Was she really worthless to this man?


She still had value!

Noa suddenly remembered something and looked down at her snow-white body, which was like sheep’s jade.

She hesitated for a long time, as if she was having a violent struggle.

In the end, she bit her red lips with a bite.

At that moment, Ye Fan’s pressure had already dissipated, and the girl, who had been huddled on the ground, unexpectedly stood up slowly.

She walked towards Ye Fan with eyes full of determination like a knight going to die.

“What do you want again?”

Ye Fan was instantly curious.

He saw that this charming girl, who was still terrified and desperate, was gradually approaching himself.

As she walked, the tears where her cheeks were still couldn’t stop falling.

“Congratulations, you got your way.”

The girl smiled with tears in her eyes before she closed her eyes and sat down in Ye Fan’s arms.

Waiting for the next moment, this man played with her body.

But the next moment, something unexpected happened to the girl.

Instead of waiting for Ye Fan to ravish her, what he waited for was for the man to push her off his arms.

The girl fell to the ground, the cold touch of the floor and the pain of the impact coming again.

This time, she cried even harder.

Rushing at Ye Fan, she roared.

“Why did you push me away?”

“Isn’t that what you want?”

“You don’t want money, you don’t want power, isn’t that why you want me?”

“Fine, I’ll give myself to you to get what you want.”

“Who made me good looking, who made me have a great body, who made me want to live without fighting.”

“I’ve decided to submit to you, but why do you still push me away to torture me?”

“You pervert, do you like torturing people that much?”

The girl cried and shouted.

But Ye Fan was full of odd eyes, “By now, are you still this confident?”

“As I said, to me, you don’t have the slightest value at all.”

“Everything you pride yourself on is worthless in my eyes.”

“And that includes your body.”

“I, Chu Tianfan, have travelled the world, what kind of strange women have I not seen?”

“This bit of temptation of yours is no better than a bit of vermilion of my Mu Orange, and even less than a strand of green silk of Yun’er.”

“So, give up the struggle.”

“Calmly, step into that eternal night.”

The tea was already at the bottom.

Ye Fan also had no more patience.

He slowly rose up, like an executioner raising his butcher’s knife.

The piece of tea that was hanging in the air also let out a whisper like a rope.

The girl had given up completely.

She knew that she was doomed to die.

But before she died, she was the one who roared at Ye Fan with eyes full of resentment, “After I die, my uncle will definitely not let you go.”

“He is the Heavenly King of my country of India, the most powerful man in the whole world.”

“He will definitely kill you so that you can bury me!”

This girl also had a bit of bloodlust.

After saying that, with her pretty face in tears, she rushed straight up to the sword-like tea leaves.

However, just when Noa thought she was going to be pierced through by the tea leaf, just like those men.

But no pain came.

When she opened her eyes again, she found that the tea leaf had already fallen.

“You… You…”

Noa froze in her tracks, wondering what the hell this man wanted.

“The King of the Indies?”

“So your uncle, is the King of Indigo Heaven, Burning Heaven?”

Ye Fan looked at Noa and asked in a deep voice.

“You know my uncle?”

“It seems that you do have some insight.”

“Since you know how powerful my uncle is, why don’t you let me go, then kneel down and apologize to this princess and acknowledge me as your master!”

This girl’s arrogant and domineering character was once again exposed.

She thought that the man in front of her was afraid of her uncle and immediately said viciously.

Ye Fan laughed, and then with a wave of his hand, the coat jacket he had taken off flew over and covered the girl.

“You can live a few more days.”

“Take me to your uncle.”

“I’ll keep you alive until he’s dead by my hand.”

“But until then, you’ll have to call me master.”

“Before I die, I’ll let you be my servant for a few days for now.”

Ye Fan smiled with his hands in the air.

After that, he walked towards the outside.

However, the girl was completely stunned.

The arrogance from earlier instantly dispersed.

Above the pretty face, there was only horror left.

“So… So you… You…”

“You’re here to kill my uncle?”