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Worth Deserving Chapter 1906

“I advise you not to get yourself killed.”

“It’s not too late for you to regret it.”

“Otherwise, when you do meet my uncle, you will die an embarra*sing death.”

“My uncle’s power is not at all something you can imagine.”

“He is the patron saint of this country.”

“Even the Palace Master of the Floo Palace has to treat my uncle with courtesy!”

At this moment, the two of them, Ye Fan and Noa, had already boarded the eastbound train.

Earlier, this girl said that Burning Heaven was at this moment on an island near the sea in the east of the Indian country.

After learning this, Ye Fan naturally did not hesitate and took the girl with him and headed towards the sea.

However, on the way, the girl was talking endlessly, exaggerating the power of her uncle, Burning Heaven.

The only reason she said this was to make Ye Fan fearful and not to do anything wrong to her on the way.

However, Chu Fan never paid any attention to him.

He kept his eyes closed, as if he was asleep.

Chu Fan’s ignorance undoubtedly made the proud girl furious.

She lifted her foot and wanted to stomp on this guy who looked down on her.

But once she remembered the majesty Ye Fan had displayed in the middle of that restaurant not long ago, Noa finally withdrew her raised foot.


The humid wind outside, with a slight coolness, blew in along the car window.

Noa couldn’t help but sneeze.

Reaching up, she tightened the coat on her body.

Yes, Noa was now covered in only the windbreaker that Ye Fan had given her earlier.

Luckily, her body was a little petite compared to the one she had, although only one coat was enough to cover her entire body.

But the cool breeze that poured in at her neck still made her shiver.

“Come closer to me.” Ye Fan, who had kept his eyes closed, suddenly said something.

Noa was instantly alert: “What do you want? Are you trying to take advantage of me?”

“I’m warning you, if you defile me, my uncle and my father won’t let you off.”

“Our family is the largest magnate family in the country of India.”

“The current lord of the country was funded by our family before he was seated.”

“If you defile me, you will be defiling the princess of the Indian Kingdom.”

“When the time comes, not only you, but even your country, will have to bear the wrath of our entire Indian country!”

Noa rushed at Ye Fan and said viciously.

Ye Fan, however, shook his head and laughed: “Take advantage of you?”

“I can’t even take any interest in you if you strip naked and occupy me in front of me.”

“You… You…” When Noa heard this, she was like a kitten that had exploded, and her good-looking eyes directly went wide.

She felt that Ye Fan, this was questioning her charm!

For a woman, the most intolerable thing was for a man to question her charm.

At that moment, Noa wanted to refute something, such as the fact that she was being chased by princes, nobles and young lords from the south of India to the north of India, such as how many young men felt honoured to even say a word to her, and that the charm of this princess was undeniable.

But after thinking about it, Noa gave up after all.

Ye Fan was right.

Even if she stripped naked and offered herself, this man would still be dismissive.

Her own charm was, indeed, ineffective against him.

Noa then shrank back in her seat like a deflated ball, lowering her head and not speaking anymore.


Noa winced again as the wind poured frantically outside the car window.

“If you don’t want to catch a cold, do what I say at the end.” Ye Fan said again.

“Hmph, don’t pretend, this princess doesn’t need your pity?”

Noa shrank back and muttered in a small voice there.

As she said this, she also quietly glanced at Ye Fan.

From the time she got into the car until now, his eyes had been closed, and he hadn’t even opened his eyes to look at himself even when he was talking to her.

This undoubtedly made Noa furious.

Was she really that ugly?

Was she really not attractive at all?

Noa was a little frustrated.

At this time, the bus drove over a bumpy section, the body swayed, and Noa followed suit a few times, her delicate body touching also Ye Fan’s arm.

“So warm?”

At that time, Noa’s heart trembled, it was when she was close to Ye Fan, she just felt around Ye Fan, it was that warm.

Noa tentatively leaned closer to Ye Fan again.

Sure enough, when she was close to Ye Fan, it was as if the area was a world of its own.

A faint warmth flowed into her body, refreshing her heart.

“It’s so comfortable.”

All the tiredness and coldness disappeared instantly.

Noa felt as if she were in a hot spring.

No one could resist this warmth, which was almost soul-deep.

Even the proud little princess Noa.

The girl sat very close to Ye Fan and their arms were close together. The warmth of Ye Fan’s side made Noa almost intoxicated.

Ye Fan saw this, but shook his head for a while.

He still called himself a princess, and from the looks of it, he was also a girl who hadn’t seen much of the world.

This warmth on Ye Fan’s body was entirely the result of the outward release of Yuan Power in his body.

These could all be the essential Yuan Power of heaven and earth that had been transformed by the Cloud Dao Heavenly Duel, so being in it naturally made him feel comfortable.

“Hungry, right?”

“Have something to eat.”

It was already past mealtime, so Ye Fan asked for two boxes of lunch on the train.

Noa was disgusted with the crude food at first, but she couldn’t help her stomach rumbling, so she had to grit her teeth and eat a few bites.


“It’s quite tasty.”

Noa said in surprise.

“When one is hungry, everything tastes good.” Ye Fan laughed.

Seeing the bright and warm smile brought up on Ye Fan’s clear face, Noa was slightly stunned.

It only felt that where the man in front of her was the great devil who had previously killed and killed, but rather a warm and kind brother next door.

This huge contrast made Noa a little overwhelmed for a while.

“That, thank you.”

“You… You seem to be, not a bad person.”

Without looking at Ye Fan again, Noa lowered her head and whispered as she ate her boxed lunch.

“Thank me?” Ye Fan looked at her curiously.

“The box of rice, ah, and the fact that you just let me… Lean on you.” This little girl seemed to have never thanked anyone before, and at this moment, when she said thank you, her entire body was a little embarra*sed.

“Oh, that means.”

“Two boxed lunches, fifty, give the person money.” Ye Fan calmly pointed to the old man waiting to collect the money on the side and asked Noa to take the money.

“You…” Noa’s nose was nearly crooked with anger at that moment, “50 and you don’t even bother to spend it for me?”

Ye Fan paralyzed his hands, “I have no money, I’m penniless.”

Noa immediately rolled her eyes, as if to say, “Do I have any?

Her clothes had all been ruined by Ye Fan.

Of course, even if the clothes were still there, there wouldn’t be any money in the bag.

Her money was usually in the hands of the waiters.

But now, those waiters, all of them were dead.

“Then there’s nothing you can do, ask someone, can you sell your body?”

“Although you are not very good looking, you should be worth two boxed lunches.”

Ye Fan said lightly.

Noa was so angry that she lifted her toes and stepped on Ye Fan’s feet fiercely.

The way her pretty face was red, she almost wanted to eat Ye Fan up.

“I knew it, people like you are not worth having good feelings for!”

Noa was simply furious, she had only just slightly changed her attitude towards Ye Fan.

But now, everything was cleared.

She also decided that when she met her uncle later, she would make him torture him severely.

“Here you go!”

“This earring of mine is made of pearls and beautiful jade.”

“It’s more than enough to buy you this car.”

Exasperated, Noa took off her earrings and threw them at the rice vendor.

After that, she turned her head away in a puff of anger and stopped paying attention to Ye Fan.

At the same time, she cursed in her heart with all sorts of resentment towards this abominable man.

Oh my God!

How can there be such a man in the world?

In response, Ye Fan did not care.

This girl’s liking or disliking of himself was inconsequential in the first place.

His concern in Noa’s eyes was really just to make sure that this girl was well before he took her to the Burning Sky.