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Worth Deserving Chapter 1907

“What kind of death do you want, and I can get my uncle to meet you?”

“You will not run away when you meet my uncle then?”

“I hope you are firm in your purpose and must go to my uncle for a duel to the death?”

“I will collect your body.”


“What do you have against my uncle?”

“Why do you have to go and seek revenge on him?”

“Are you really not afraid of death?”

“Looking at you, you should be very young.”

“And you’re so bad at pleasing girls, you must not have found a girlfriend yet.”

“You said you haven’t even been in love, so why are you so thoughtless?”


“My uncle is really going to kill you.”

“You know, someone as high up as him, someone who wields power, a lot of things are just like gra*s in his eyes.”

“I’ve seen him kill so many, many people with a wave of his hand.”


“You go back.”

“I really advise you to give up.”

“Isn’t it good to live well?”

“There is so much good on earth, why should you give up the chance to live on earth?”

“Is there really nothing left in this human world that is worthy of you?”


“If you have no place to go, I can take you in.”

“Your power is not comparable to my uncle’s and the others, but it’s not bad. Why don’t you come and be my bodyguard.”

“I can provide food, clothing, shelter and transportation. I will also give you a generous salary every month.”

“How about it, want to think about it?”


Ye Fan and the others travelled east all the way.

On the way, the girl was talking endlessly.

It was also during this process this child, her attitude towards Ye Fan, was also changing subtly.

From the beginning, desperately hoping that Ye Fan would meet his uncle, King Yin Tian, sooner and then so that he could be killed by his own uncle.

Later on, she wished that the car would drive a little slower so that Ye Fan could live a little longer and she could talk to Ye Fan for a little longer.

Then again, she somewhat did not want Ye Fan to go.

She advised Ye Fan to give up and not to be foolish; she wanted the man to live well.

In the end, this girl, even willing to provide Ye Fan with a place of refuge, willing to keep his secret, and willing to let bygones be bygones and not pursue him for kidnapping himself and killing her men.

However, no matter how dry Noa’s mouth got, the man beside her was like a log.

He didn’t even look at her, not to mention answering her.

His eyes were closed all the way through.

“Sleep, sleep, sleep, just sleep!”

“Sleep to death!”

Noa was simply furious.

She had been so sincere, but this guy had simply ignored him.

It was like he was ignoring her.

“If this princess hadn’t seen you warm me up all the way, I wouldn’t have bothered with you?”

Noa huffed and puffed, her little face bulging like a prickly spiny fish.

The cute and charming look was what made the fellow pa*sengers, for a while, confused and mesmerised.

Finally, the vehicle arrived at its destination.

It stopped at a city on the eastern coast.

After Noa arrived here, she stayed here and would not leave, no longer taking Ye Fan to Burning Heaven.

“Are you going back on your word?” Ye Fan looked at her.

Noa, however, said righteously back, “I can’t be blamed.”

“As I said, I only know that my uncle is on a small island off the eastern coast of India.”

“I only know the general location, I don’t know exactly where it is.”

“Moreover, that Indian King Island is a fiefdom given to my uncle by the lord of the country in tribute to the great contribution he has made to the country.”

“It’s a small island isolated from the world.”

“If you really want to find it, then go and buy a boat, or build yourself a raft, and just look along the sea.”

Noa clasped her hands and sat down on one of the benches by the roadside, talking smugly.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

“Are you ready to give up?”

“I told you a long time ago that a man as high as my uncle is invisible to the gods.”

“It’s never easy to find him.”

“So, let’s not waste our efforts and go back.”

“Just as I said before, you work for me as a bodyguard and I’ll pay you.”

“Of course, if you don’t want to work, it’s okay for this princess to underwrite you.”

As she said wai, Noa looked at Ye Fan with eyes full of expectation.

It seemed that everything she did was to pave the way for underwriting Ye Fan.

Instead, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, before reaching out and taking Noa’s entire arms in one hand.

Noya’s pretty face turned red then.

It was as if 10,000 deer were clashing within her heart.

The whole person was so nervous that her heart was almost about to jump out.

“You… You…”

“What are you doing?”

“This… This many people.”

Noa’s pretty face blushed with shame as she whispered with her head lowered in Ye Fan’s arms, her heart filled with trepidation, anticipation, and even a sense of excitement at stealing the forbidden fruit.

Noa secretly thought in her heart, is this wood enlightened.

But wasn’t it a bit too hasty.

And, shouldn’t one resist? Shouldn’t she feel angry.

But why, Noa just felt that she could not feel any anger in her heart.

But she still tried to resist.

But the way her body twisted, it was even more ambiguous.

“Tell me which direction it is.”

Noa’s mind was naturally unknown to Ye Fan in the slightest.

After he picked up the girl, he asked in a deep voice.

“You… What do you want?”

“You don’t really want to go out to sea to find my uncle, do you?”

“But we don’t have a boat, are you just going to swim across with me in your arms?”

“You’re not crazy, are you?”

Noa almost screamed in shock.

All the little thoughts she had had earlier dissipated in an instant.

Only at this point did she realise that this guy was not trying to go back with himself at all, but wanted to take her Chu out to sea in search of the Incendiary Heavenly King.

Thinking of this, Noa raised her head and looked at the vast sea ahead.

The weather today was not good, and the originally ethereal blue picture was now a dark grey colour.

Huge waves were crashing against the shore.

Noa didn’t even dare to think about how terrifying and frightening it would be if she actually swam in.

However, as Noa was terrified, a super heavy sensation came over her at that moment.

Then, Noa felt that the trees beneath her feet began to grow smaller, the earth was moving away, and the sky was descending.

It was only after the two of them had hovered ten metres in the air.

Only then did Noa realise.

They were, well, flying!

“It’s… This…”

Noa was already too shocked to speak.

She didn’t dare to imagine that people could really, really fly?

Before, Noa had heard her own father say that her uncle, King Yin Tian, had the ability to fly and disappear.

But Noa had never seen it, nor did she believe it, she only thought it was an exaggerated descriptive technique.

But until now, when Ye Fan took her flying, she finally realised that what her father had said was true.

“Tell me, which side of King Yin Island is it?”

The low words carried an unquestionable majesty.

Noa, who was filled with fear, had long been convinced by Ye Fan’s terrifying tactics.

She did not pull any more tricks and pointed to a certain direction based on her memory.


There was no hesitation whatsoever.

Ye Fan immediately stepped into the air and went.

The cold wind was bitterly cold and the waves were terrifying.

Two figures, speeding across the sea.

Noa closed her eyes in fear, and only the cold wind echoed in her ears as if it were the hiss of a devil.

On the other side, on an island not far from the shore, the man sat on his knees.

He looked like he was practising.

Not far away, his men had been waiting for a long time.

Only when the man had finished practising did his men come forward to report, “Master, news of the wedding has been spreading for several days.”

“All the guests have arrived in the nearby cities.”

“What do you think, when do we open the island to welcome the guests?”

The man looked at the vast expanse of heaven and earth in the distance, and then said, “Pa*s on the order to open the island immediately.”

“The old grudge from back then, this time, let’s settle it once and for all.”