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Worth Deserving Chapter 1908

As he said this, the man slowly rose.

Behind him, the peach tree had pink flowers falling like starbursts.

They fell to the ground and were eventually buried in the dust.

The man stepped on them, crushing those flowers as well as the dusty grudges and past events from those many years ago.

“Teacher, it’s soon.”

“Those few disciples you like the most, Little Heaven will send them over to keep you company right away.”

The corners of the man’s lips flicked open.

The morose words drifted far away with this bitter sea wind.



The cold wind was bitterly cold and the appalling waves rolled.

The sea of vastness, between the clouds and the sea.

Two figures, treading on the sea.

All the way, Noa did not say a word.

She just hugged the man beside her with all her might.

After all, for her now, this man was her only support and support.

If she let go, she would immediately fall from her mouth and be buried at the bottom of the sea.

She looked up at the man for a moment.

His face was expressionless, and the cold wind blew the tips of his hair on his forehead.

But for some reason, Noa didn’t feel the cold at all, and couldn’t even feel the touch of the wind blowing on her body.

Perhaps this was what it felt like to be protected.

This is what it feels like to be held in a man’s arms.

Noa used to read novels, in which there were many powerful and excellent girls, no matter how strong and valiant they were in front of the outside world, but as long as they snuggled into the arms of the man they liked, they would turn into soft fingers.

Since she was a little girl, Noa has undoubtedly been a wild and domineering little princess.

No one dared to disobey her when she said something.

With a personality like hers, she felt that she could never show weakness to any man in her life, much less lean into a man’s arms and call him brother like a kitten, as it is written in the books.

Even if she did all that human reproduction stuff, Noa would probably choose to be on top of it.

However, Noa found that all her previous imaginations about these had all changed after she met this man.

It was like a violent pony that one day actually met the one who tamed her.

“You you.”

“Can you you stay in Indo?”

Between ghosts, Noa suddenly asked this.

Her voice was so thin that perhaps Ye Fan didn’t hear it.

But she still looked at the man with unblinking eyes.

His eyelashes were so long, and his eyes were so good looking.

How could a man have such good-looking eyes?

While Noa was lost in thought, Ye Fan was noticing that many ships had appeared on the sea below.

These ships stretched for thousands of metres, and did not look like cargo ships travelling far away, but pa*senger ships.

They were filled with people.

Moreover, the direction in which these ships were heading was the same.

However, Ye Fan did not think much about it and continued to lead Noa across the sea.

Finally, an island appeared in his line of sight.

“Is it that way?” Ye Fan asked in a deep voice.

Noa did not answer, but instead asked Ye Fan “Really, do you have to go there?”

Ye Fan could not help but smile when he heard this.

“Little girl, asking too many questions.”

“Don’t forget, you have survived until now because of what?”

“If I didn’t have to go, you little girl, I’m afraid you would have already died under my sword.”

Ye Fan smiled very calmly.

From the time Noa met Ye Fan until now, this man seemed to have such a calm tone and attitude towards himself.

It was like listening to a stranger’s story, calm because he didn’t care.

Noa also wanted to be as calm as Ye Fan.

It was supposed to be, ah, two people who had never met each other.

Even this bond of travelling together was coerced into coming.

Whether he was dead or alive, safe or dangerous, what did it matter to her.

But Noa didn’t know why, the closer she got to King Yin Island, the more unsettled and disturbed she became, and the more she wanted to persuade Ye Fan to turn around and leave.

Especially in the midst of hearing Ye Fan’s almost heartless and cold-blooded words, the whole person naturally became even more angry.

Solely, just like Ye Fan had done to her before, he simply ignored it and pretended he hadn’t heard it.

“Women, ah, can be really troublesome.”

Ye Fan shook his head with a smile.

Naturally, he could see that this little girl was angry.

If she was his wife, Ye Fan would definitely coax and apologise.

But a stranger was just a stranger, let her be, and Ye Fan ignored it.

If she didn’t say anything, he would just ask her later.

Anyway, the island ahead was not an uninhabited island.

At this moment, dozens of ships were parked on the outer harbour, and hundreds of people were disembarking on the island.

Moreover, the island seemed to have been deliberately decorated.

Red lanterns were hung all around the island road.

The road leading to the centre of the island was even fluttering with red carpets.

Even faintly, the sound of lively and festive music could be heard coming from it.

“Hello, may I ask, is this King Yin Island?”

Upon arriving at the island, Ye Fan approached someone to ask.

“Yes, little brother.”

“This is King Yin Island!”

“It’s my first time here too.”

“If it wasn’t for King Yin Tian’s big celebration and the banquet inviting guests from all over the world, I’m afraid no one would be able to enter this King Yin Island.”

“This is someone’s private territory.”

A middle-aged man, holding a young woman dressed in flowery clothes and carrying a large number of expensive gifts in his hand, took off his sungla*ses and smiled at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan nodded at his words “It seems to be the right place.”

However, Ye Fan did not expect that today was the day of King Yin Tian’s big wedding.

“This is good. It’s just right to give him a big gift on his wedding day.”

As Ye Fan’s expression was gradually becoming icy cold, Noa, who was behind him, was as mad as hell and pulled Ye Fan back.

“I forbid you to go.”

“I order you, come back with me now.”

Noa said very forcefully.

Ye Fan frowned “What do you want?”

“I don’t want to do anything.”

“I just don’t allow you to go.”

“You’re going to get yourself killed you know?”

“Yes, you are somewhat capable.”

“You can fight ten to one, and you can carry me across the sea.”

“But those, compared to my uncle, are not even close.”

“You don’t even know how strong my uncle is.”

“From a very young age, my father told me that my uncle was the most powerful man in the whole world, able to drain mountains and break ten thousand armies all by himself!”

“My uncle was so powerful that he was beyond the realm of normal people.”

“His power is simply beyond what you can imagine!”

“You know, my father said that there are many people in this world who want to kill my uncle, and there are many people who have come to seek revenge on me.”

“But without exception, all those who came to seek revenge on my uncle died.”

“What’s more, this is King Indigo Island.”

“My uncle has been operating here for decades, and this is his home turf.”

“Today is even his big wedding day, and all his friends and relatives are likely to be there.”

“You don’t have the right time, the right place and the right people, how can you kill my uncle and how can you take revenge?”

“What is this if you are not seeking your own death?”

“I forbid you to go!”

“You must come back with me.”

Noa pulled at Ye Fan and yelled at him.

As Ye Fan listened to this, he asked with an odd expression on his face “Don’t you think that you are meddling a bit too much?”

“What does it matter to you what I do or don’t do?”

“I am not your subordinate, nor am I your family slave. You are in no position to boss me around.”

“Go away and see that you help me find King Yin Island, and I will not kill you.”

“But before that, I need to tell you.”

“You say I don’t know what that old burning dog is capable of, but do you know my majesty?”

“What mountains and seas, what heavenly times and places, are not worth mentioning in front of me.”

“I, Chu Tianfan, do not need heavenly timing, nor do I need geographical location, let alone human harmony to kill!”

“No matter what your monstrous background, no matter what your supreme might, I will cut through it with a single sword!”