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Worth Deserving Chapter 1909

After saying this, Chu Fan brushed his sleeves and left.

Only Noa, whose eyes were red, was left in the same place.

It was the first time she had ever cared for someone, but she had never thought that it would end up like this.

Looking ahead at the slim back that was fading away, Noa bit her red lips tightly and shouted tearfully at the direction Ye Fan had left.

“You arrogant b*****d!”

“You can go to hell.”

“I will never care about you dying again.”

“When you die under my uncle’s fist, I’ll be happy to celebrate!”

Noa’s piteous cries carried far and wide.

Many people looked at the lovely and beautiful girl in front of them with pity and sympathy.

Some even came to comfort her.

But the man that Noa had been waiting for did not turn back after all.

Tears were raining down, and never before had her heart felt as bad as it did now.

It was like tears falling to the ground, breaking everywhere.

But why was it so sad?

By rights, she should be happy.

This man who had desecrated her was about to die.

Someone would soon avenge her own humiliation of the past few days.

But why, was it so hard to feel?

“Miss, miss?”

While Noa was crouching on the ground, crying uncontrollably.

In the back of the crowd, however, several figures ran over.

“Miss, is it really you?”

“We’ll inform the family head right now.”

“You don’t know, you’ve been missing for the past few days, the family head has been desperate.”

“The whole country of India is looking for you. The family head has been looking for you.

“I just didn’t expect that you would come to attend His Highness the King of India’s wedding on your own.”

These people seemed to be Noa’s family’s men.

After recognising Noa, they were instantly excited and elated.

While leaving a few men to watch over Noa, a few others ran back to report to Noa’s father.


Not long after, a sturdy and majestic middle-aged man, wearing a straight suit, arrived with his men leading the way.


Seeing her father, Noa immediately burst into the man’s arms and howled.


The man was heartbroken, patting his daughter’s shoulder as he soothed her, “It’s all right.”

“It’s safe.”

“Tell daddy, who took you.”

“Where is he? I’ll send the guards to cut him to pieces.”

But Noa kept shaking her head, her tearful face choked with sobs “Daddy, I don’t want him to die, I don’t want him to die, I want him to live and be with me.”

The man immediately froze, “You… you… have a crush on him?”



After separating from Noa, Ye Fan followed the crowd and walked towards the depths of King Yin Island.

Regarding those words of Noa just now, Ye Fan only felt baffled.

That little girl, after all, was still too egotistical.

Even now, she was still saying things like ordering him around.

If it was anyone else, using the play, he would probably have taken her life just now.

Instead, Ye Fan had spared her.

That little girl was not bad in nature, but she was just too selfish and proud.

She was like a child who had been spoiled by arrogance.

I hope that this lesson will help her to temper her temper in the future.

Let her understand that not everyone in this world is her father, who will spoil her and let her do whatever she wants.

Speaking of this, Ye Fan did recall the little one who was following Qiu Mu Orange.

Ye Fan also wondered if that girl Mu Orange would educate the child.

After all, in Ye Fan’s eyes, Qiu Mu Orange herself was just a bigger child.

It was hard to imagine that she was already a mother.

It was just that even now, Ye Fan wasn’t sure if that little one, was his own child or not.

He decided that when he next went to Jiangbei, if he had the chance, he would take that little one to be identified.

If it was really his own seed, then his mother, I guess, would really be her.

Thinking of this, in Ye Fan’s mind, in the right floated that graceful and magnificent and beautiful silhouette.

“This gentleman, please show me your invitation.”

Ye Fan followed the crowd and soon arrived at the outreach of King Yin Island.

Here, a luxurious palace-like building was situated.

The building, carved and cast in pure white marble, was like a sacred church.

The staircase stretches for a thousand metres, like a staircase to heaven.

The fiery red carpet goes all the way to the end.

The sides are lined with festive flowers.

At the entrance, there was a large number of staff to maintain order.

At this moment, a person was stopping Ye Fan and asking him to show his invitation.

Ye Fan shook his head, indicating that he did not have an invitation.

“I’m sorry.”

“If you do not have an invitation, you are forbidden to enter.”

The man’s face was expressionless, wearing a white wrap skirt available in a long shirt and

This was the traditional dress of the Indian country.

Of course, it was not this that concerned Ye Fan.

Rather, it was the qi and blood power that was as thick as fire beside him.

With this level of qi and blood, he was afraid that he was only a few steps away from the realm of Patriarch.

Such a strong person, even in the Chu Sect, would be at least at the level of a mid-level leader.

Yet now, he was guarding the gate.

Ye Fan only felt that today’s wedding did not seem like, that simple as it seemed.

“Sir, please leave, don’t affect the people who come after you.”

Seeing Ye Fan hesitate to leave, this gatekeeper once again made an inviting gesture, gesturing for Ye Fan to leave.

Ye Fan laughed lightly “What if, I have to go in?”

“Then sir is looking for death.” The gatekeeper’s tone was still calm, but the morose and chilling intent in his words was already extraordinarily distinct.

As the swords were drawn here, a startled voice immediately came from a short distance away.

“Holy sh*t, man, what a coincidence?”

“You’re here too?”

“You’re here for King Yin’s wedding too?”

“It’s too much of a coincidence that we’re here together.”

“By the way, you were so handsome that day!”

“One man took down a group?”

“It’s true that all Yanxia people have kung fu skills!”

“Just like Bruce Lee in the movie!”

Although he didn’t see the person who came, such a chatterbox was naturally Kane, who had met Ye Fan on one side that day.

After a brief understanding, Kane only learnt that Ye Fan was stopped without an invitation.

“It’s alright brother, wait for me for a while. I’ll take care of it for you!”

Kane said to Ye Fan, then turned around and left.

A few minutes later, Kane returned again and handed an invitation to Ye Fan.

After that, the two pa*sed through the security check without any problems and entered the main hall.

“Thanks, Kane.” Ye Fan said.

“It’s alright, what’s polite. Besides, I asked for it for my sister. You’ve met my sister, although she looks fierce, she still loves me as a younger brother. Let’s go, I’ll take you to meet him.”

Kane said as he led Ye Fan forward.

Soon, a mature woman with beautiful blonde hair and eyes appeared in the eyelids.

“Ye Fan, this is my sister, Winnie.” Kane introduced.

Ye Fan smiled at her.

But Winnie looked at him warily “Why are you here if you don’t have an invitation?”

Ye Fan smiled and said back “I came over to see the world.”

“Then where is your family from? I only know of the Mo family in Zhonghai among the powerful families in Yanxia. You’re from the Mo family?” Winnie continued.

Ye Fan shook his head “I’m afraid I’ll have to let you down. I come from an ordinary background, my mother is just a woman from a remote township in Jiangdong. My ancestors have been farming people for generations. How can I talk about any family background?”

“No way, Brother Ye. You come from the countryside and you’re still so good at kung fu?” Kane said unexpectedly.

“How can a poor family, with four walls, support their family without brute strength?” Ye Fan said in a joking manner.

After understanding where Ye Fan had come from, Winnie’s wariness of Ye Fan had obviously faded a lot.

In its place, there was a contempt.

“Since you don’t have much of a background, then go in and be honest.”

“I know you have some skills.”

“But you should also know that no one who can come here today is a person of great ability.”

“You can scare ordinary people with your tricks, but here, they are insignificant.”

“Remember my words, otherwise, if you cause trouble here, the gods will not be able to save you!”