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Worth Deserving Chapter 1910

The island was isolated, but these days it is bustling with activity.

Hundreds of ships have come and gone, and a steady stream of people have docked.

Of course, those who can participate in the wedding of King Indigo are all powerful people from all over the world.

“See, that one over there is an oil tycoon from the Middle East, and I heard that in his villa there are more than 300 women living there, with a host of wives and concubines.”

“That one with the white turban is an arms dealer from India.”

“The arms business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world.”

“It is said that this Indian King Island was funded by this arms dealer for the Indian Heavenly King.”

Following the crowd, Ye Fan and his group of three walked forward.

Along the way, that chatterbox, Kane, kept introducing Ye Fan to the big names around him.

However, Ye Fan did not know any of them.

He did not want to know them either.

To Ye Fan, all the oil tycoons and arms giants could not withstand the power of his fist.

This mentality of Ye Fan was naturally unknown to Winnie next to him.

She only saw, when Kane introduced these bigwigs, Ye Fan’s expression of ignorant silence.

“Looks like a real bumpkin from a small place.”

Winnie shook her head and smiled contemptuously.

The original caution and suspicion in her heart towards Ye Fan had all dispersed at this moment.

A small person from a humble background would not have any conspiracy here, let alone make any big waves.

Only now was Winnie certain that Ye Fan had come here to gain insight.

“Kane, is it true that King Indigo is getting married today?”

Ye Fan wasn’t interested in the identities of those rich people’s origins, what he cared more about was still the matter of Burning Heaven.

For some reason, from the moment he entered this hall, Ye Fan had felt something strange.

It was reasonable to say that with the status of King Burning Heaven, if he were to have a big wedding, there was no way that those powerful people from the Florentine Palace of the Indian Kingdom would not arrive.

Moreover, the martial dao of foreign countries should also send envoys to congratulate him.

However, Ye Fan looked around and found that most of those who came around were, surprisingly, merchants with no hands.

There were very few martial artists with the power of qi and blood, and even fewer were above the rank of clan master, and Ye Fan had not seen a single clan master at the seal level.

How did Burning Heaven say the number one strongest person in South Asia.

Back then, at the Chu Clan wedding, the martial arts leaders of the world’s countries personally attended the banquet.

Burning Heaven might not be able to compare to the Chu Clan, but it wasn’t so unplanned.

“What else, who else do you think it could be?”

“King Yin Island is the exclusive domain of King Yin Tian.”

“Who else but the Indian Heavenly King could hold a wedding here?”

“Actually, I don’t blame you, for someone of King Yin Tianwang’s level, marriage and family are actually a liability, and most men of his level would basically never get married.”

“You think, anyway, married or not, there will be no shortage of women around.”

“If they want children, there are plenty of women for them to have them too.”

“Why do you think they get married? Divorced, they still have to share the family fortune, and they have to suffer the condemnation of public opinion for flirting with other girls, which does nothing but increase their responsibilities and obligations.”

“Anyway, if I were Indy, I’d be in over my head to give up a whole forest for a woman.”

“But on my way here, I heard that King Indigo’s fiancée is super pretty.”

“Do you know about the Chu Sect?”

“An ancient and mysterious power.”

“I don’t know much about the Chu Clan either, but I know that the clan’s master is recognised as the number one goddess in the world.”

“But some people on the road say that King Yin Tianwang’s fiancée, with her posture and looks, is not inferior to the Chu Clan’s stunningly beautiful Sect Master.”

“I feel that I now understand somewhat why King Yin Tianwang got married.”

“Perhaps, people have really found their true love.”

“Men, ah, are most afraid of moving on.”

“Once they fall in love with a woman, they will willingly make an enemy of the whole world, not to mention giving up the whole forest.”

“Men, when they are sensible, are the smartest animals in the world. But when they are in love, they are the most stupid animals in the world.”

Kane seemed to be very knowledgeable and concerned about the beautiful women in the world.

At this moment, he was telling Ye Fan about his insights and experiences with women.


Ye Fan listened, but shook his head and laughed.

“Do you think that an old dog who deceives his master and is shameless to the extreme, would he really be moved by someone?”

“This kind of person, I’m afraid he doesn’t even have a heart.”

Ye Fan snorted.

There was a strong sense of contempt and disgust in his words.

Ye Fan really couldn’t feel half as good towards Yin Tian Wang Burning Heaven.

Killing his fellow disciples and deceiving his master and destroying his ancestors was just one of them.

Back then, during the battle in the Rain Forest, Burning Heaven would do anything to achieve his goal.

In terms of despicable and shameless, among all the people Ye Fan had met over the years, Burning Heaven ranked first!

In between Ye Fan’s conversation with Kane, a middle-aged couple walked in front of him.

The couple was dressed in gorgeous dresses and behaved elegantly, giving off a western European aristocratic vibe.

“Noa, what took you guys so long to get here?”

“Got greedy again on the way, I guess.”

“The wedding has almost started, hurry up and find a place to be seated.”

These two seemed to be the relatives of both Kane’s siblings, and upon seeing Noa, they said in a slightly annoyed manner.


“He is?”

At this time, the two’s uncle Jefferson noticed Ye Fan beside Kane and immediately frowned and asked.

“Uncle, he’s a friend I just met on the road, Ye Fan.” Kane introduced with a smile.

“Ye Fan?”

“From Yanxia?”

“What’s his origin, I don’t remember any big family in Yanxia with the surname Ye?” Jefferson queried.


Winnie next to him couldn’t hold back and snorted out a laugh.

“Uncle, what big family.”

“He’s from the countryside, nothing to come from.”

“Just entered without an invitation and got stopped.”

“I didn’t want to be nosy, Kane had to help him.” Winnie spoke with a shake of her head.

Jefferson’s brow furrowed “Kane, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you know what kind of occasion this is? What kind of people do you dare to bring in?”

“If you get into trouble and delay our family’s plans, will the consequences be more than you can bear?”

“Now, where he comes from, you will lead him to me!” Jefferson said sternly.

Kane was suddenly bitter “Uncle, is this bad?”

“Ye Fan he’s just following to grow up, he won’t cause us any trouble.”

“I promise, can’t I keep an eye on him?”

“It won’t affect the family’s big event.”

Kane pleaded bitterly.

Ye Fan was the one he had led in, so if he was thrown out like this, he would lose face in front of his friends.

In the end, with Kane’s three inches of persuasion, Jefferson agreed to let Ye Fan stay.

“Keep an eye on him for me.”

“The people in here are either rich or powerful, and any of them are not for him to mess with.”

“What’s more, today is King Yin Tian’s big wedding day.”

“If we really cause trouble, none of us can afford the consequences!”

Jefferson warned again and again.

Kane nodded repeatedly “Uncle, don’t worry, I’ve told him everything. My brother Ye Fan is also a man who knows what’s right and cares about the big picture, so he won’t cause any trouble.”

Kane laughed heatedly.

He pulled Ye Fan towards the front seat.

Kane’s warmth and friendliness, in turn, made Ye Fan a little embarra*sed.

“Kane, why don’t I just not sit with you guys?”

“It’s alright, my uncle has always been cautious and straight-talking. He is just afraid of getting involved. We’re just two kids, how much trouble could we make if we wanted to get into trouble? Just sit back and relax.” Kane said casually, with a big heart.

By now, the guests were all seated.

At the front, a master of ceremonies walked up to the high stage.

“It looks like the wedding is about to begin.”