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Worth Deserving Chapter 1911

“Gentlemen, the wedding will begin in ten minutes, so please take your seats and enter as soon as possible.”

After the master of ceremonies took the stage, his loud and clear voice was transmitted through the microphone and throughout the hall of the Great Hall.

Sure enough, as these words fell from the MC’s lips, many more people entered.

“Holy sh*t, isn’t that the head of the Vyas family?”

“Hmm, that little girl behind him, why does she look so familiar?”

Kane was a master of not being lonely.

While in the gap before the wedding, he was looking around.

Soon, a line of people was noticed.

“Ye Fan, she… Isn’t she the little girl from the restaurant the other day?”

Kane seemed to remember something and pointed in the direction of the front and said to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan just glanced at it and faintly returned, “Probably.”

And as Ye Fan and the others noticed Noa’s group, Noa seemed to have sensed something as well.

She slowly turned her head and met Ye Fan’s gaze.

“Hmph, that b*****d!”

Noa was still angry, and after seeing Ye Fan again, she immediately stomped her jade feet on the ground in anger.

“What? That Yanxia man you were talking about, is that him?” Noa’s father, following his daughter’s gaze, looked over.

Soon, from among the crowd, he locked on to the yellow-skinned, black-haired Yanxia man.

“Noa, you go ahead and follow your brother and the others to the front, I’ll be right back.” The man stopped in his tracks and instructed Noa.

However, just as the man turned to leave, Noa was grabbing her father’s hand.

“Father, don’t hurt him, will you?” Noa’s words were spoken with a bit of begging.

The man shook his head with a sigh, “After all these years, I never thought the first man you would care about would be an outsider.”

“A girl is too old to be a woman.”

The man teased his daughter, before touching her forehead and face, “Don’t worry, your father knows what’s in his heart.”

After saying that, the man led a few guards and went over in Ye Fan’s direction.

“You are Ye Fan, right?”

“Come out for a moment.”

“My family master would like to have a chat with you.”

A few guards walked up to Ye Fan and spoke in a tone that was quite polite.

“If you want to chat with me, why don’t you come over yourself?”

“Instead, he sent you guys to shout at me.”

Ye Fan casually said back.

However, these few words scared Kane, Winnie and the others.

“Ye Fan, they are from the Vyas family.”

“The number one family in the Indian country.”

“You should be careful talking to them!”

“Besides, if they tell you to go over there you should go over there.”

“Looking at them, it doesn’t seem like they want to give you a hard time.”

Kane lowered his voice and fearfully instructed Ye Fan.

It seemed that he was afraid that Ye Fan would offend these people and implicate them again.

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled when he saw this scared look on Kane and the others.

“It’s just that, I’ll come with us then.”

There was nothing to do now anyway, and it was just as well that Ye Fan wanted to see what this great head of the Vyas family was looking for him for.



“Ye Fan, right?”

“A good-looking man.”

Outside the main hall, a sturdy and majestic middle-aged man stood here.

Not far around them, there were quite a few guards standing. Guarding the man’s safety.

“Thank you.”

“But I don’t think that you called me over just to compliment me on my good looks.” Ye Fan smiled back.

The man nodded, “Indeed it is. However, before we get to the main topic, tell us a bit about where you came from. For example, who else is in the family? What business does the family do? Perhaps, there is even business with my Vyas family.”

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled to himself, “I don’t have any big origins, my family has been farming for generations, so why talk about any family, or any business?”

“Well, a countryman?” The man’s expression suddenly clouded over.

Although he had guessed that the plainly dressed man in front of him would not have any great background of origin, but after learning of his origin, the man then realised that he had overestimated him after all.

A countryman with no background and no family is a lowly pariah in the country of India.

The country of India is a country of strict hierarchy.

The higher the caste of the family, the more importance they undoubtedly place on birth.

If it were normal, he would have felt it was a sacrilege and an insult when such people spoke to him.

But now, he had no choice, who had let that foolish daughter of his, take a fancy to him.

“In future, break off relations with your parents.”

“There shall be no further dealings.”

“I will give you a new status.”

“A decent and honourable status.”

“After the wedding, you will return to the family with me.”

“From now on, you will stay by my daughter’s side and serve her food, clothing, and day and night!”

“As long as you serve my daughter to her satisfaction, I will not treat you badly!”

“Of course, your relationship with my daughter is nothing more than that.”

“There is something I have to tell you in advance.”

“The daughter of my Vyas family will never marry a man of despicable blood.”

“So, set yourself straight in future. There are some things that you should not even think about!”

“Whatever my daughter’s feelings for you, you will always remember that you are only a servant employed by my Vyas family.”

“Do you understand?”

After learning of Ye Fan’s origin, the man clearly became condescending.

The tone of his words had taken on a bit of command and majesty.

However, in the face of what the man said, Ye Fan laughed.


“Hahahahahahahaha ….”

The laughter was loud and clear, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the whole world.

“What are you laughing at?”

The man’s brows furrowed.

Ye Fan’s laughter irritated him.

It was like sarcasm.

“Not convinced?”

“Or do you think that you are being treated badly by letting you serve my daughter?”

“It seems that you still don’t know the might of my Vyas family.”

“My family, the Vyas family, was once the King’s family of India!”

“Even now, members of my family still hold sway over the military and political power of the country of India!”

“My family has business all over the world, and the number one powerhouse in South Asia is even a member of my family!”

“So what?” Ye Fan no longer wanted to hear any more and immediately interrupted him.

“No matter how tall your family is, no matter how giant and powerful you are.”

“But in my eyes, they are nothing more than mere ants!”

“I don’t even care about the Chu Clan, and I have cut through the Chu Family with my sword.”

“So, put away your lofty majesty.”

“Your little reliance is insignificant to me!”

“How dare you!”

“How arrogant the vertical son is!”

The man was furious, and his old eyes shot out in anger.

His eyebrows were gloomy as his eyes looked down at Ye Fan: “You’re still a mole? And insignificant?”

“You are a fool! How stupid!”

“Who do you think you are?”

“The Lord of a country? A god in the world?”

“You are just a poor boy of humble origins, unknown and despicable. If my daughter had not fallen in love with you, do you think you would be in a position to speak to me here?”

“If no one had helped, today… You wouldn’t even be able to enter this great hall.”

“I really don’t know where you get the courage to arrogantly shout at me!”

The man was truly exasperated.

He had given him gifts, wealth and even the opportunity to get close to his daughter.

The man had even thought that if this Ye Fan was a buildable talent, he wouldn’t mind taking him as his righteous son or something like that.

However, he never expected that this poor boy in front of him, not to mention being grateful to him, would even speak so shamefully to him!

In all these years, no one had ever dared to speak to him in such a tone.

If it weren’t for his daughter’s sake, he would have had the guards tie him to the stake and burn him at the stake for the offence he had just given him!

However, facing the burgeoning anger of this magnificent family head, Ye Fan stood with his hands folded and smiled proudly.

“You ask me about my strength?”

“This is my bottom strength!”

As the words fell, Ye Fan stomped his foot violently.


That loud sound was like a mountain crashing into the ground.

The stone steps beneath his feet exploded.

At that moment, this magnificent family head was terrified, thinking that Ye Fan was going to kill him, and his body trembled almost to the ground.

But amidst the chaos of stones, Ye Fan looked like a heavenly god, overlooking all beings: “The power is in my hands!”

“If I were to kill you, who would be able to stop me? Who would dare to stop me?”