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Worth Deserving Chapter 1921

Between the thunder and fire, the slim figure was only like a demon god in the nine heavens.

His feet shattered the starry sky and his palm split the heavenly river.

“How is this possible?”

Burning Heaven, who originally still felt that he had the victory in hand, was near mad after seeing this scene in front of him.

His eyes stared dead in disbelief, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

Those old Heavenly Master Daoists trembled even more.

“Alive and well.”

“That senior, he he is still alive.”

While being surprised, these Heavenly Master Daoists were also filled with shocked eyes at the same time.

Obviously, none of them had expected it.

How could this young man be so strong?

In a desperate situation of certain death, he was still able to turn the tide against the odds.

Yes, in just a few breaths of time, who would have expected that.

Ye Fan, who had previously been struck by the thunder, surprisingly rose to the sky once again.

With the momentum of the autumn wind sweeping away the falling leaves, he swept across the four directions.

One punch, one kick, one palm

In just three strokes, he smashed the eight fire dragons that had been condensed by the power of thunder.

In a flash, only the last fire dragon remained in the entire grand formation.

“Which figure in the martial arts world is this?”

Ye Fan’s power and fearsomeness undoubtedly sent these Heavenly Master Daoists into a trembling frenzy.

The gazes of the people around him were naturally ignored by Ye Fan.

After smashing those eight fire dragons, Ye Fan had set his eyes on the last one.

It had to be said that this Thunderfire Dragon Slaying Formation was indeed powerful.

Under those nine fire dragon attacks just now, Ye Fan’s Dragon God Body had almost been pierced.

The majestic power of thunder fishtailed through.

If it wasn’t for the strength of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Duel Technique, which blocked those thunderbolts that entered his body, I was afraid that with that earlier strike, Ye Fan would indeed have suffered considerable internal injuries.

But unfortunately, Burning Heaven had underestimated Ye Fan after all.

Externally, he was sheltered by his Dragon God Body, and internally, he had the Cloud Dao Heavenly Duel Technique running.

Unless these nine fire dragons merged and coalesced, they would not be able to pierce Ye Fan at all.

The reason he hid under the ground just now and pretended to be killed.

It was to try to hoodwink Burning Heaven.

After all, Burning Heaven had activated this formation just to strangle himself.

As long as he faked his death, Burning Heaven would naturally withdraw the formation as well.

One must know that there were still many of Burning Heaven’s clansmen on this island.

However, Ye Fan was still naive after all.

He had never expected that Burning Heaven had no intention of dispersing the formation.

Instead, he directly wanted to strangle everyone under the formation.

Since the plan did not work, he would choose to forcefully break the formation.

Ye Fan never believed that there would be formations in this world that were so powerful that they were indestructible.

If there was, it was just that your power wasn’t enough.

“Fourth Formation, Red Flame Finger!”

Amidst the storm, Ye Fan’s majestic, angry voice echoed once again.

With the padding of the first three stances, Ye Fan’s fourth stance already contained great power even before it appeared.

The surrounding heaven and earth began to darken.

Ten thousand miles of wind and clouds swirled wildly, and a hundred feet of sea and waves were heaving in the sky.

The terrifying power of heaven and earth began to coalesce and rise between Ye Fan’s fingers as if they were summoned.

As the crowd watched, the colour of the void in front of Ye Fan changed from white, to green until finally, crimson!

“A good and terrifying power.”

“What the hell is this this move?”

The group of Heavenly Master Daoists had all been completely confused.

Previously, they had thought that the fist technique containing the Nine Energies that Ye Fan had defeated Burning Heaven with was his strongest card.

But now, it seemed that they were wrong.

A big mistake!

This young man in front of them, his power was like endless.

Every time, when they were desperate, they would always burst out with even more power.


The wild wind was still sweeping.

The almost heaven-destroying energy, even through the formation, still made Burning Heaven feel appalled.

“D*mn it!”

“This Chu Tianfan’s power, why is it so strong?”

“The Dragon Slaying Formation that I have poured fifty years into constructing cannot even slay him?”


“Why is he so strong?”

Burning Heaven was filled with resentment.

His eyes flushed red as he looked deadly at the man who was killing under the formation.

His palms were clenched tightly, the tips of his fingers sinking even deeper into the flesh and blood out of resentment.

Although Burning Heaven had been famous for a long time, and the battles he had experienced were countless.

However, the number of times he had fought head-on with the number one powerhouse on the Heavenly Rankings was rare.

Even back then, when he forced Ye Fan to die, that Heavenly Ranking No. 1 powerhouse was already at the end of his rope and did not display his true &bsp&bsp power.

And now, under Ye Fan’s full outburst, Burning Heaven finally panicked a little.

He had realized that this formation, I’m afraid it would be difficult to trap him as well.

Break through the shackles, it is already sooner or later.

Seeing that the momentum had already gone, Burning Heaven naturally would not sit around and wait for death.

He glanced at Ye Fan below and said viciously “Chu Tianfan, you’re really tenacious!”

“No wonder you were able to force the Chu Sect to pour out all of their clan’s strength to surround you globally back then.”

“Today, I, Burning Heaven, admit my fate.”

“However, it is never too late for a gentleman to take revenge.”

“Today, I cannot kill you.”

“One day, when we meet again, I will kill you!”

Burning Heaven’s voice of resentment echoed for a long time.

After he finished speaking, Burning Heaven dragged his broken body and fled across the air.

At this time, in the void in front of Ye Fan, the red-flame giant finger had already coalesced.

Beneath the river of heaven, Ye Fan looked up at the sky as the giant finger pressed down.

I have one power, terrifying all laws!


Red flames swept through the sky, and the giant finger was so huge.

In the midst of everyone’s shocked and violent gaze, the giant red-flame finger carried a heaven-destroying energy.

First, it crushed the last fire dragon with a single finger.

After that, the remaining momentum did not diminish as it swept towards the Lightning and Fire Dragon Slaying Formation that covered the entire King Yin Island.


It was as if boiling oil had melted away the remaining snow.

Where the collision occurred, an ear-splitting sound was immediately heard.

After a brief stalemate.

The so-called impregnable formation of the Burning Heaven fell apart under the Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi.

The power of the thunder scattered in an instant.

The island was finally at peace.

On King Yin Island, Ye Fan stood proudly in the void.

His face was expressionless as he looked at the direction the Burning Heavenly King had gone.

At this moment, those who survived on the island were all kneeling down and thanking Ye Fan in unison for saving their lives.

“Thank you, senior, for saving my life.”

“We have nothing to repay!”

“But please tell us senior’s name.”

“After we find Little Heavenly Master, we will definitely pay our respects at our door.”

After the great battle was over, the Heavenly Master Daoist, who had survived the robbery, dragged his tattered body and paid his respects to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan’s eyes looked over “Are you, the disciples of the Heavenly Master Dao?”

Those people nodded their heads.

“Then there is no need to say thank you.”

“Your Little Heavenly Master is a dear friend of mine.”

“I have come to the Indian Kingdom for her.”

Ye Fan spoke slowly.

Hearing Ye Fan’s words, all of the Heavenly Master Daoists were startled.

“You you are Little Heavenly Master’s friend?”

“Little Heavenly Master actually has such a powerful friend?”

These senior brothers of Yue Yao were undoubtedly overjoyed.

Previously, they had felt that it was their luck that they happened to come across such a supreme powerhouse.

But now it seemed that it was not just luck.

Rather, it was their Little Heavenly Master, the friend they had invited to help with their fist.


“Eldest Brother, how about it, I told you that Little Heavenly Master is the lucky star of our Heavenly Master’s Way.”

“&bsp&bspWith this connection of Little Heavenly Master, why should I worry that my Heavenly Master Dao’s great revenge will not be avenged?

These people of the Heavenly Master Dao were instantly happy.

And then, all kneeled to Ye Fan, requesting “Senior, since you are Little Heavenly Master’s friend, then the matter of rescuing Little Heavenly Master, can only ask you?”

“Please forgive our incompetence, in our current situation, I’m afraid it’s hard to help much.”

Ye Fan waved his hand “No need for you guys. I alone am sufficient.”

“Just that, do you know the whereabouts of Yao’er? Or, do you know where Burning Heaven can escape to?”