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Worth Deserving Chapter 1922


In the face of Ye Fan’s enquiry, these few people shook their heads.

“Previously, Little Heavenly Master led several of our junior brothers to seek revenge on Burning Heaven and inadvertently fell into Burning Heaven’s path.”

“We have also been searching for Little Heavenly Master’s whereabouts.”

“Later, we learnt the news that Burning Heaven wanted to marry Little Heavenly Master.”

“So we rushed over.”

“Who would have thought that it would be a trap.”

“This Burning Heaven is incredibly cunning and treacherous.”

“This time we failed in our rescue and scared the snake, Burning Heaven is afraid that Little Heavenly Master will hide him in a more secretive place.”

The Heavenly Master Daoist was worried and spoke to Ye Fan.

“Senior Brother, do you think Little Heavenly Master will be in danger of his life?”

Behind him, someone asked worriedly.

The old man who was leading the group was shaking his head.

“I don’t think so.”

“Especially after learning that senior is also looking for Little Heavenly Master, Burning Heaven is not going to do anything against Little Heavenly Master in order to save himself.”

“After all, as long as Little Heavenly Master doesn’t die, he can still use it as his life-saving talisman at critical moments!”

The senior that this old man spoke of naturally referred to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan’s expression, however, was also gloomy at this moment.

“If something bad happens to Yao’er, I will have the entire Indian Country Martial Dao buried with me.”

Ye Fan’s low and slow voice, however, contained an endless majesty.

After these Heavenly Master Daoists in front of them heard it, their entire bodies involuntarily shook.

They could hardly imagine what kind of vigour a man had to have to say such domineering words?

At the same time, they could not help but wonder about the relationship between Ye Fan and Little Heavenly Master.

Could it be that the two were lovers?

However, the Heavenly Master Daoists, had disciplinary rules that forbade those under their discipline from falling in love and marrying.

However, now was not the time to gossip about this.

The old man suddenly remembered something and reminded Ye Fan, “Senior, the Floating Palace is the highest authority of the martial dao in the Indo Kingdom.”

“Although the King of Indian Heaven, Burning Heaven, does not often sit in the Floo Palace.”

“But Burning Heaven is, after all, a sealed powerhouse of the Indian Kingdom. Those in the Floo Palace are bound to know, where Burning Heaven might be hiding.”

“However, there are many strong people in the Floo Palace. There is definitely more than one Sealed Powerful.”

“Senior, if we go straight ahead, I am worried that it will be dangerous.”

Thinking about this, they couldn’t help but sigh again.

They were outsiders after all, and Burning Heaven was an Indian country powerhouse.

The Buddha’s Law Palace would naturally take the side of their country’s strongman.

There was even the possibility that they would help Burning Heaven along against them.

Therefore, if Ye Fan would go to the Floo Palace like this to ask for someone, it would undoubtedly be like a sheep entering a tiger’s mouth and throwing himself into the net.

“No no, it’s better to think long and hard first.”

These Heavenly Master Daoists thought about it for a while and felt that it was not right to go to Frodo Palace after all.


Ye Fan, however, hummed and laughed.

“I have already barged through all the dragon pools and tiger caves.”

“What can a small Indian country do to me?”

“Tell me the location of the Floo Palace.”

Ye Fan spoke in a deep voice.

These Heavenly Master Daoists were instantly stunned “Senior you you really want to go to the Floo Palace?”

“That is the holy land of the martial dao of the Indian country, the stronghold of martial artists in this country.”

“Even if we really want to go, we should make plans first.”

“If we rush in like this, there will be no chance of death!”

These people from Angel Road jumped.

They had only casually mentioned it just now, but they had never expected that this man in front of them would take it seriously.

It looked like he really wanted to kill his way to the top of the Martial Dao of India, the Frodo God Palace, all by himself!

But Ye Fan did not think so.

The martial power of the Indian country was certainly not to be underestimated.

But if they were stronger, could they still be stronger than the Chu Sect?

He had gone up to the Chu Sect twice and managed to leave alive.

He still had a small Frodo Palace.

Seeing that Ye Fan was determined to go, these Heavenly Master Daoists did not advise any further “The Floo Palace is situated in the mountains of the northern part of the Indian Kingdom.”

“Back then, the first Froo King established this palace with the intention of counteracting Yanxia’s Martial God Palace.”

“The exact location is not clear to us.”

“However, someone is clear.”

Speaking of this, the Heavenly Master Daoist pointed to a place not far behind him.

There, blood was soaked and corpses were strewn about.

The previous battle had eventually affected many mortal people.

Among the corpses, there were still a few people who were not completely dead, lying on the ground, dying.

Among them was Noa’s father, the head of the Vyas family.

“The Vyas family is one of the most powerful families in the country of India, and its forces are spread throughout the martial and secular worlds.”

“Burning Heaven is half of the Vyas family’s blood.”

“Such a family must have had dealings with the Florentine Palace in India.”

“Even the funds that keep the Frodo Palace running might have come from the Vyas family.”

“The coordinates of the Florentine Palace must be known to them!”

These people from the Celestial Master Dao had eventually lived in the country of India for many years, and knew many things about the country.

Ye Fan smiled and immediately walked over.

With an indifferent gaze, he landed on the middle-aged man.

Next to the man, there was a young girl.

It was none other than Noa.

During the previous battle, when Noa had charged towards Ye Fan, Ye Fan had noticed it.

However, he deliberately parted a wisp of soft energy to send Noa flying.

But the battle that followed eventually affected this young girl from the Indian country.

The bursting gravel cut a lofty wound into her abdomen.

Blood gurgled down like a stream.

The delicate, rosy face was now as pale as a sheet of white paper.

“Save her.”

“Please, save her.”

Noa’s father had consciousness still left.

He dragged his heavy body and crawled towards Ye Fan, grabbing Ye Fan’s legs and feet, his weak words ringing out in a low voice.

The man now, where was the slightest trace of the majesty that had defied Ye Fan before.

He was only like a wild dog on the verge of death, begging for his master’s rescue.

No one knew the complicated feelings inside the man’s heart at this moment.

To think that half an hour ago, he still had disdain for this young man in front of him.

But now, the position had completely shifted.

It had changed to Ye Fan, on high, looking down on him.

Perhaps, Ye Fan had always looked down on him like this.

It was like what Ye Fan had said earlier.

With power in his hands, all beings were mere ants.

At that time, the man had mocked him, thinking him arrogant and ignorant.

But now, even the Indian Heavenly King had been defeated, the number one powerhouse of the Indian Kingdom, fleeing with his tail between his legs.

He was right, the power was, indeed, in his hands.

Ye Fan ignored him.

Just footsteps, walking towards the front.

Then, reaching out, he picked up the pale and weak young girl, in his arms.

Dots of Yuan Power poured out along Ye Fan’s hand, towards Noa’s body.

The frail girl, finally regaining some of her breath, opened her eyes.

She had thought that what she saw would be the dark light of hell, but to her surprise, what caught her eyes was that clear and handsome face.

“Am I dead?”

“So, even after death, people dream.”

The girl murmured and whispered softly.

“You’re not dead.”

“Still alive.”

Ye Fan’s expressionless, indifferent voice rang out.

At the same time, he continued to channel Yuan Power to Noa.

This girl had lost too much blood and needed Yuan Power to replenish.

“Really really?”

“You you’re really Ye Fan?”

As Ye Fan watched, the originally desperate girl’s absolutely beautiful eyebrows slowly stretched out.

That smile was like a flower fire blooming in the lonely darkness.


Ye Fan nodded, and then asked, “Do you know where the Frodo Palace is?”

Noa whispered back, “Yes.”

“Can you take me there?” Ye Fan asked again.

Noa readily agreed.

It seemed that the young girl was very happy to be able to help Ye Fan.