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Worth Deserving Chapter 1923

Just as these Heavenly Master Daoists had expected, the clansmen of the Vyas family, indeed, knew where the Floo Palace was.

Noa, once again, became Ye Fan’s leader.

However, unlike last time when he was forced to lead the way.

This time, Noa was helping Ye Fan voluntarily.

Ye Fan did not like to owe others.

As a thank you to Noa, Ye Fan asked those Heavenly Master Daoists to save Noa’s father.

“Sister… Sister…”

“We, just… Are we just going to die?”

On the other side, corpses were strewn about.

In crimson blood, the two Kane siblings, lay there, unmoving.

Their uncle was dead.

The strong qi that had escaped from the previous battle had severed the necks of the two siblings’ uncles.

The head rolled off, right next to the two siblings.

Kane had no more strength.

There was no strength left to even breathe.

Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth as he looked at his sister Winnie next to him out of the corner of his eye.

“No… It won’t…”

“Kane, I… We’re not going to die…”

Winnie was in worse shape than Kane.

But with a trembling voice, she continued to comfort her brother.

“Sister, I’m… I’m so tired…”

Kane, however, could no longer hold on and his eyes slowly closed.

Winnie struggled to reach out her hand, trying to grab her brother.

But, it was useless.

They had lost so much blood that they had no strength to make any movement.

She could only watch as her brother walked into death.

Tears welled up in her eyes, unconsciously.

Just when the two siblings were desperate, a thin figure quietly appeared.

“With me here, he can’t die.”

The faint words rang out quietly.

Winnie lifted her eyelids and strained to look upwards.

Only to see there, the man stood faintly.

His face was clear, his body straight.

It was like, in the world, a true immortal, ethereal, majestic.

And it was indeed so.

How was the current Ye Fan, in Winnie’s mind, any different from a divine immortal?

Not only could he make people die, he could also make people live!

It was ridiculous that before, she still despised Ye Fan and could not look at him.

But now it seemed that she herself, in fact, was the insignificant one, right?

It was because of his insignificance that he did not care about his offense.

After stabilising their injuries, Ye Fan did not stay here for long, and immediately took Noa across the air and left.

As they watched Ye Fan’s distant back, all the people here trembled in fear.

Deep inside, there was an endless yearning.

Straddling the void, his majesty was overwhelming.

Perhaps, this was the true immortal?



Froo Palace, as the symbol of the martial dao of the Indian country, is located in the hinterland of the Great Mountain.

As one of the oldest martial arts powers, there are many legends of the Floo Palace.

Some say that Frodo Palace is one that separated from Buddhism thousands of years ago.

Some even say that the first master of the Flores Palace, Rakshasa, was once a great disciple of Sakyamuni.

Later, he rebelled against Buddhism and set up his own sect because of a disagreement with the Buddhist philosophy.

Since then, the Florentine Palace has been a sect!

And now a thousand years have pa*sed.

The Florentine Palace has taken a very different path from the Buddhist philosophy.

Buddhism is about cultivation, compa*sion, and the ultimate happiness.

The Frodo Palace, on the other hand, is a martial arts school, where strength is prized and fame is fought for.

It is precisely this respect for power that has made the Florentine Palace a holy place of martial arts in the hearts of the martial artists of India, and a refuge of power for the country!

It was early morning.

The sun shines brightly, and this palace, perched on top of a high mountain, reflects the morning light in all its splendour.

Inside the palace, it is quiet as usual.

The early risers are cleaning the leaves in front of the court.

A few squirrels climb the treetops and nibble on the pine nuts.

The fresh breeze rustles the green needles and leaves.

At that moment, footsteps came from outside the door.

A ragged and hairy man, who looked like a wild man, appeared before the palace.

“Stand still!”

“Who are you?”

“How did you get up here?”

“You beggar dare to trespa*s on the sacred ground of the Florentine Palace?”

“If you don’t want to die, why don’t you get off the mountain!”

When the palace disciples on duty saw this wild man in front of them, they immediately blocked his way and reprimanded him in a stern voice.

Faced with the obstruction.

The man did not say anything, but merely raised his head and looked at it.

And then, with a raised paw, he stamped the ground.


The ground shook with that boom.

The entire Florentine Palace, no, and even the mountains in this area, trembled violently with it.

The Palace disciples in front of him were even more severely injured. They were struck by the invisible energy that escaped.

Their ribs were broken.

As they spat out blood, they flew a hundred metres away.

After clearing these obstacles, the man stepped into the Frodo Palace with one foot.

After so many years, he walked into this land again.

The man’s thoughts were complicated.

He tilted his head, his old eyes slightly closed, and opened his arms to embrace the world, breathing in the air greedily.

He looks as if he is a wanderer returning home.

“The tree is a thousand feet high, and the leaves return to their roots.”

“Sixty years have pa*sed.”

“I, Dorian, have finally returned.”

The man sulked with emotion, his thoughts running wild.

And then, his eyes opened wide.

A brilliant light, as if it were lightning, flashed from his old eyes.

The sound of his voice exploded like a thunderclap at the top of the Floating Palace.

“You juniors, why don’t you come quickly and pay your respects!”


The earth shook and the Frodo Palace trembled along with it.

Soon, deep inside the palace, three sturdy and majestic figures all trembled when they heard this sound.

Then, like mad, they ran out.

Among them, the one running at the front was the leader of the Frodo Palace, Frodo Palace!

“Duo… Senior Brother Dorian?”

“Really… It’s really you?”

Seeing the man who looked like a wild man in front of him, King Froggong’s eyes widened.

For a moment, he thought he had misread it.

The remaining two, too, were sweating and trembling to the point of trembling.

None of them had expected that the previous Lord of the Floo Palace, the number one powerhouse of the Indian Kingdom who had closed his eyes to death back then, Duo Lun, had come out of seclusion after sixty years.

“Duo… Doran?”

“Could it be, he… He was, back then, the only supreme powerhouse in the Asian Region to break into the top ten of the Heavenly Rankings.”

“The current Buddha King’s senior brother, the one with the title “Mad Venerable”, Lord Duo Lun?”

Hearing Dolan’s name.

Those young disciples around them couldn’t help but stare in disbelief.

Each of them could not help but draw a frantic cold breath out of shock.

In their hearts, there were even more shocking waves sweeping through them!


“It’s been sixty years.”

“Back then, you were bent on going to the depths of the divine mountain for a retreat.”

“Senior brother we went to visit you at the divine mountain every year.”

“Ten years, twenty years…”

“Seriously, by thirty years, we all thought that you would never come out.”

“I didn’t expect that…”


“I didn’t expect that!”

In the middle of the hall, these four men representing the old generation of powerful people in the Indian country gathered together, but they were excited, almost old tears.

Especially the current Froggie Palace, it is difficult to hide the joy.


“It’s true that the heavens are going to prosper my Indian country’s martial arts!”

“Now we have the four great seals here.”

“Add to that the newly promoted Seal of Burning Heaven over the years.”

“In my country of India, there are five powerful sealers.”

“Moreover, senior brother, you killed your way into the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking sixty years ago.”

“And now that you have successfully broken through, you alone are afraid that you can match the three pillar states of Yanxia.”

“If you do the math, the paper strength of our martial arts in India has already surpa*sed that of Yanxia!”

“From now on, the title of the number one martial power in Asia will finally belong to my country!”


Froggong excitedly printed several cups of strong wine.

All along, the martial arts of Yanxia had been dominating Asia.

They, the Floo Palace, had been suppressed by the Martial God Temple for so many years.

Previously, the War God of Yanxia, Ye Qingtian, had even been very arrogant and arrogant, storming into the country of India all by himself and beating their seal.

This matter has always been on their minds!

A strong sealer, barging into another country without permission, was an invasion and a great desecration of the country’s dignity.

But at that time, their Frodo Palace was inferior to the Martial God Hall, and even though they were offended by Ye Qingtian, this humiliation could only be endured.

There was no way out, in the martial arts world, all dignity was earned by strength.