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Worth Deserving Chapter 1924

Dorian sniffed, not so much with joy as with some bemusement.

“Yanxia doesn’t seem to have grown much in the past few years.”

“Are they still the same few pillar states?”

“That Ye Qingtian, has he stormed into the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking?”

Duo Lun had left the martial world for many years after all, and his understanding of many things was naturally only limited to many years ago.

“Not yet.”

“It’s really a bunch of trash. The Yanxia Martial Dao of today has long since lost any semblance of its might. To exterminate them would be too much for me to bring myself down.” Duo Lun said disdainfully.

For a man like Dorian, who admired power and liked to fight, it was a great disappointment not to have a worthy opponent in Asia.

Back then, there was a Ye Qingtian in Yanxia.

He was a scare for Dorian.

But now, after so many years, the martial power of Yanxia has remained stagnant.

“In the future, our Indian country’s martial arts gaze can move away from the land of Asia.”

“Next, the journey of our Indo martial dao will be the entire world!”

“As for the Martial God Temple, when I find the time to go, I will just trample it down with my hands.”

Dorian said casually, his light tone full of disdain and contempt.

The Buddha King and the others were undoubtedly overjoyed at the words.

“It looks like senior brother has greatly improved in strength over the years?”

“But senior brother, although the Yanxia martial dao is in decline, it is still not to be underestimated.”

“Just a few years ago, Yanxia has produced a, a strong person who is number one on the Heavenly Ranking?”

Buddha’s Palace reminded from the side.


“The number one in the Heavenly Ranking?”

“Can Yanxia still produce such a strong person?”

“Tell me about it properly!”

Duo Lun suddenly became serious.

The place where their Frodo Palace lay, had actually given birth to such a powerful person. The

Dorian was naturally concerned.

Thus, King Froh and the others spoke to Duo Lun about Chu Tianfan.

Who would have thought that after hearing this, Duo Lun snorted.

“Simply absurd!”

“A Chu Family outcast, a junior of Yanxia, and he was even rated number one on the Heavenly Rankings?”

“Nowadays, this Heavenly Ranking selection is also becoming more and more childish!”

Duo Lun had cultivated martial arts all his life, and even the difficulty of the martial dao was as difficult as ascending to heaven.

Just like his sixty years of seclusion, he had only made a little progress in his martial dao.

A melon boy in his early twenties, yet he surpa*sed those old demons who had cultivated for hundreds of years, waiting for the top of the heavenly list.

Naturally, Duo Lun found it absurd!

“Senior brother, there should be some basis for this Chu Tianfan to wait for the Top Heavenly Ranking.”

“He has defeated many powerful Sealed Sovereigns head-on.” King Buddha Lo spoke from the side.

“If that is truly the case, then it can only mean one thing!”

“It means that the so-called strong people of today are too weak.”

“It also means that that Chu Tianfan is already dead.”

“Otherwise, my daddy would have gone to Yanxia and killed this snake with his own hands.”

“Let the people of this world see what true power means!”

“To let a junior, top the Heavenly Ranking, is simply a strange shame to the martial dao!”

Duo Lun was somewhat furious.

Especially after learning that Ye Fan was only in his early twenties, that anger in Duo Lun’s heart was undoubtedly even more intense.

This was because, he felt, this was an insult to him, and an insult to the martial dao.

After all, he had cultivated martial arts for a hundred years and had yet to reach the top of the Heavenly Rankings and ask for the top of the martial dao.

And now the martial arts world was dominated by a b*****d who was not even as good as his grandson’s generation.

This invariably humiliated them, the old men who had been painstakingly pursuing the true meaning of the Five Dao for hundreds of years.

If Ye Fan were still alive, he, Duo Lun, was afraid that he would really kill Yan Xia with his sword and ask for a battle against Ye Fan!

At this statement from their senior brother, King Buddha Lo and the others looked at each other and smiled.

After all these years, their senior brother’s arrogant and unrestrained nature had really remained the same.

The name of the Mad Zun was still the same!


“Senior brother, let’s not talk about that anymore.”

“No matter if this Chu Tianfan is worthy of being number one on this Heavenly Ranking, but it’s been years since he died.”

“Or died under the noses of those old guys from the Martial God Hall.”

“Watching the fall of their country’s most outstanding genius descendant, I guess those old guys’ hearts were dripping blood at that time!”


“So what if it was hard, but they still didn’t dare to move a muscle?”

“We were so happy to see it at that time!”

King Buddha and the others gloated about the past.

Chu Tianfan, a name that had once frightened countless people.

When it was mentioned again by the martial arts community, it had become a distant past and a history that could not be changed.

Talking about a dead man was a breeze!


However, just as the Florentine Palace’s Sovereign Masters were catching up and chatting, the door to the Great Hall was suddenly thrown open.

And then, a one-armed man covered in blood, dragging his tattered body, barged in.

“Burning Heaven?”

Upon seeing the visitor, King Buddha Lo and the others were startled and sat up in shock.

“This… What’s going on here?”

“How did you get into this state?”

King Buddha Lo and the others immediately asked after them.

Although because of his personality, Burning Heaven was not very well liked within the Floo Palace.

But after all, they were all Seal of the Indies, and now that their compatriot had suffered such a serious injury, King Froo and the others were naturally frightened and worried.

“Something big has happened.”

“He… He’s back.”

“He’s not dead!”

“That D*mned fellow, he’s still alive!”

Burning Heaven sat down against the table.

The blood from his body stained the long table in front of him.

Facing these rulers of the Indo-Chinese martial art in front of him, Burning Heaven’s old face was pale and resentful as he spoke viciously.

“Who is not dead?”

“Tell me clearly!”

King Buddha and the others pursued the question once again.

“It’s Chu Tianfan!”

“That D*mned outcast of the Chu Family.”

“The Chu Tianfan who was forced to die outside the gates of Yanxia back then!”

“He didn’t die.”

“And, he’s come to the Indian Country.”

“Just destroyed my Indian King Island.”

“I was injured by him!”


It was as if thunder struck down.

The whole hall… No, even the minds of King Buddha Lo and the others were completely dumbfounded.

A buzzing sound was heard in their brains.

The fear that had once been dominated by Chu Tianfan, after disappearing for two years, was once again sweeping from the depths of these people’s hearts.

“How… How is it possible?”

“This… How is this possible?”

“How is it possible that he is still alive?”

“We watched him die with our own eyes with ten thousand swords through his heart!”

King Buddha’s body trembled as he staggered and spread out on his seat.

The other two Indian Kingdom Seals, too, were struck by lightning, their dull gazes tinged with horror.

A few minutes ago, they were still gloating about Ye Fan’s death.

But the next thing they knew, Burning Heaven was saying that that guy was not dead, that he was still alive, and that he had killed his way to the Indian Kingdom?

For a moment, King Buddha and the others only felt that things in the world were disillusioned and ridiculous!

If they hadn’t seen Burning Heaven covered in blood and seriously injured, they probably would never have believed such nonsense from Burning Heaven.

“But… But why, why would it be us?”

“The ones who forced him to die back then, the mastermind was the Chu Sect, and the old guys in Europe, we in India were just along for the ride, at best we were considered accomplices.”

“Even if he wanted to take revenge, he shouldn’t have gone after us first.”

“He should have gone to Truman first and then to Europe.”

“But why, first find us…”

King Buddha’s old face was pale and terrified.

He was a little confused as to why Chu Fan had sought revenge on their Indian country first.

“Because I’ve captured a woman.”

“I guess it’s a woman that Chu Tianfan has taken a fancy to.”

“He’s here to claim someone and take revenge in the process.” Burning Heaven did not hide it and took the initiative to say it.

After the Buddha King and the others heard this, they were simply furious!

“What did you say?”

“You’ve captured his woman!”

“I think you’re really crazy?”

“And you messed with him?”

“You’re a fool!”

“Are you going to get us killed in the Indo martial arts?”

“Didn’t you learn your lesson well enough back then?”

“You want to get us all killed just like you, break an arm!”

The three Seals of the Buddha’s Law Palace’s eyes were red.

They were so angry that they almost spewed out fire.

They could not wait to skin Burning Heaven alive, the fellow who had caused the trouble!

This fool, what else could he do besides provoking these ruthless people?