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Worth Deserving Chapter 1925

King Buddha and the others were simply driven mad by this foolishness of Burning Heaven!

It would have been fine if they were messing with an ordinary seal.

The Frodo Palace was one of the top five martial arts powers in the world.

Even if they were a normal ranking, they would have to gulp their teeth down when they faced the Frodo Palace.

But now, it was Chu Tianfan who had entered the country of India.

This was a man who was a god of killing!

Back then, before he became famous, he had slaughtered hundreds of martial powerhouses from various countries in the land of the rainforest.

Later, he even single-handedly blew up the Chu Family.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the old ancestor of the Chu Family was forced out in the end, the Chu Clan’s power today, I’m afraid, would have ceased to exist.

Such a ruthless character, who wouldn’t walk around when they saw it.

What’s more, Burning Heaven and Ye Fan already had a grudge.

And now he had taken Ye Fan’s woman without knowing what he was doing.

With this accumulation of old and new grudges, it was hard for King Buddha Luo and the others to imagine what kind of deep resentment the current Chu Fan should have towards their Floo Palace.

“Hurry up.”

“Take advantage of the fact that Ye Fan has not yet found his way to the door.”

“You return his woman to him immediately!”

“This kind of killing god is not something we can offend right now!”

The Buddha King was filled with eagerness in his eyes as he spoke anxiously at Burning Heaven.

It was only when the world was under siege that Ye Fan was forced into a desperate situation.

King Froo knew himself well.

Relying on their Frodo Palace alone, that would never be able to stop Ye Fan’s killings.

For today’s sake, they only had one option.

That was to let Burning Heaven hand over the hostages and compromise and apologise to Ye Fan.

If that was the case, I think Ye Fan would stop his anger and stop fighting.

They, too, could be saved from a calamity.

However, when faced with the request from King Froh and the others, Burning Heaven shook his head and refused.


“Burning Heaven, now is not the time to satisfy personal selfish desires!”

“I don’t care how heavenly gifted and stunning that woman is, it is in no way something you are qualified to enjoy.”

“That is Chu Tianfan’s woman!”

“Have you thought about the consequences?”

“I hope you had better not have defiled him by now.”

“Otherwise, without Chu Tianfan having to kill you, our Floo Palace will definitely sever ties with you at the first opportunity!”

King Froo was simply going mad.

Ye Fan had even killed him at his doorstep, and this sperm-headed fool was still hogging someone’s woman and not wanting to make a move.

Was this thinking of women, thinking of their lives?

Of course, what King Buddha was most worried about now was that Chu Tianfan’s woman had been violated and killed alive by Burning Heaven.

In that case, everything would really be irreparable.

For any man, women were definitely their soft underbelly and scales.

If Ye Fan’s woman were to be invaded, Froggie Palace couldn’t even imagine what the consequences would be.

It was estimated that their entire Indian country would have to face Chu Tianfan’s monstrous killings, and endless rage.

“She’s fine now.”

“I didn’t touch her in the slightest.”

“I know the score.”

“Don’t worry about that aspect.”

“I did not agree to hand her over for everyone’s sake.”

“We are all clear about Chu Tianfan’s strength.”

“When he was in his heyday, I’m afraid that even if several of us combined, we wouldn’t be able to stop him.”

“Now that her woman is in our hands, he can still act with some fear.”

“Even, at the moment of necessity, we can take her woman as a hostage and negotiate peace with him to make him withdraw from the Indian Kingdom.”

“But once we surrender, then we will have no leverage in our hands.”

“At that point, you and I will really become fish on the other side’s chopping block, at his mercy.”

“He can kill if he wants to, no more worries!”

“I believe that you also do not wish, to put your own safety and lives into the hands of others.”

Burning Heaven sat at the table, his face a little pale, but his mind was all clear.

After King Buddha and the others heard his analysis, they could not help but be silent.

The panic they had just felt had indeed caused them to lose their composure.

And now that they had heard these words from Burning Heaven, they had undoubtedly realised that Ye Fan’s woman was more valuable in their hands.

“But what now?”

“Do we just wait?”

“Wait for Chu Tianfan to come over?”

To the side, a bald-headed old man said worriedly.

Burning Heaven nodded, “The only way is this.”

“Wait for Chu Tianfan to come over and negotiate with him.”

“Force him to retreat to Yanxia.”

“As for his women, I have put them in a safe place.”

“But if he dares to touch us in the slightest, I will make sure he never sees his woman again!”

“With the hostages in hand, it is possible that he, Chu Tianfan, will accept to negotiate with us!”

Burning Heaven spoke in a deep voice.

But King Buddha Lo pondered for a moment, but still said, “No!”

“What if you overestimate that woman’s position, in his heart?”

“When the time comes, if he comes to the Floo Palace himself, will we not be in danger of destroying our country?”

“In this way, Haibu, you should now immediately call and contact the countries of Japan, Soviet Russia, Western Europe, and the Chu Sect…”

“Tell them that Chu Tianfan is not dead!”

“He is now being trapped by us in the Floo Palace!”

“Tell them to send strong men to come and strangle him immediately!”

“In this world, we are not the only ones who don’t want Chu Tianfan to live.”

“We, since we could let him die the first time, can let him die a second time!”

The Frodo Palace’s gaze was gloomy as that chill and killing intent rose up in his heart.

As the head of the Floo Palace, at all times, he had to make multiple plans.

First, he would make peace with Ye Fan and stall him.

Then wait for the strongest of the kingdoms to descend and join forces to strangle him!

However, just as King Froo had someone send a message to the martial dao of the kingdoms, Duo Lun, who had been silent, frowned.

“Senior brother, you’re asking for help from the kingdoms to shake people.”

“Just one person has scared you all into asking for help everywhere.”

“It seems that these years, it’s not only Yanxia that hasn’t grown, but also my Indian country’s martial dao!”

“Senior brother, this is also a helpless act.” King Buddha Lo was about to explain.

“What helplessness!”

“I only know that if you make this distress call, the national dignity of my Indian country will be gone!”

“In the future, how can my Indian country’s martial art still intend to dominate the world?”

“The dream of a strong nation, which countless predecessors have worked for, will be completely shattered by these few phone calls from you!”

Doran’s gaze was deep, and his words were serious and fierce.

These words of Dorian’s were certainly justified.

However, it was no longer a matter of dignity, but of survival.

“Senior brother, that Chu Tianfan, back then, was number one on the Heavenly Ranking, we can’t handle it without shouting for someone to help us with our fists.” Buddha King’s eyes were full of bitterness.

“Number one in the Heavenly Ranking?”

“In that case, he’s the latter student of Yanxia that you guys were talking about earlier?”

Only then did Duo Lun realise who the visitor was.

In an instant, he rose up with an expansive battle spirit.

“Earlier, I was pitying that I had not been able to defeat this so-called Yanxia demon handily.”

“Now it seems that the heavens have heard my heart.”

“Heaven’s will is such, come let this daddy, put an end to this son!”

“This vertical son, leave it to me.”

Dorian’s faint words carried endless fervour and arrogance.

After decades of bitter cultivation, he was too eager to fight.

And right now, it was undoubtedly a perfect opportunity.

“King Fro, he is?”

Seeing this wild man in front of him take the initiative to ask for help, Burning Heaven was a little confused.

He realised that he did not know this fellow.

“He is a former member of my Indian country’s martial dao, the last Lord of the Floo Palace.”

“The Mad Zun, Dorian!”


When Burning Heaven heard that, he was instantly shocked.

Without saying a word, he got up and worshipped.

“My junior, Burning Heaven, I didn’t know that my senior was in front of me, so please forgive me for being so negligent.”

The name of Mad Zun, Burning Heaven had naturally heard of it.

I thought that it was someone who had already become history, but now that the download was in front of him, Burning Heaven was not without shock.


“You are the little burner, right.”

“I know you, they gave me said, you have good talent.”

“Just short of chance.”

“Today, this daddy will grant you a chance.”

“When that Chu Tianfan finds you, you will watch the battle well from the sidelines.”

“Watch how I, my Lord, fight? How do you kill? How do you use the martial arts?”

“Watching a truly powerful man fight will be the greatest chance of your life!”