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Worth Deserving Chapter 1926

Duo Lun patted Burning Heaven’s shoulder and taught him in a senior and senior posture.

“Senior brother, are you serious?”

“You really want to, alone, face Chu Tianfan?”

King Buddha Lo was still a little uneasy and once again inquired towards Duo Lun.

“What, you think I can’t defeat him?” Duo Lun immediately frowned, and in an instant, countless pressure swept towards King Buddha’s place like a huge wave.

At that moment, King Buddha Lo only felt the air was oppressive, and even his breathing felt a little difficult.

He realised that his senior brother was angry.

In this situation, King Buddha Luo naturally did not dare to say anything else.

“I will go and change my clothes first.”

“And after that, go to the top of the Ganges River and wait for him!”

“Any of you who wish to watch the battle, go along with me.”

“Of course, if you are afraid of that Yan Xia curmudgeon, you can hide in this Frodo Hall in.”

“However, I will come back with that snitch’s head and nail it to the Frodo Hall.”

“So that you may have some ambition!”

Dorian snorted coldly and waved his sleeves away.

Those words just now were clearly filled with discontent towards King Fro and the others.

Especially towards King Froo!

He was the leader of a country’s martial dao, but he was as afraid of a junior Yanxia student as a mouse.

King Buddha Luo shook his head bitterly and did not know what to say.

“What now, do we still inform the martial dao of the nations?” The bald-headed old man asked King Buddha Lo.

King Buddha Luo did not answer, but looked at Burning Heaven at the side, “Burning Heaven, you should have fought with Chu Tianfan, right?”

“How is his strength now compared to back then?”

“That calamity, even if it didn’t take his life, but making him disappear for two long years must have dealt a considerable blow to his strength, too.”

“I suppose, not back to his peak?”

King Buddha asked the Burning Sky who was at the side.

Burning Heaven shook his head, “I have not fought with him many times. The last time we met head-to-head was the battle in the rainforest several years ago.”

“At his peak back then, he was ranked number one on the Heavenly Rankings, I’m not sure how strong he was back then.”

“Without comparison, I don’t know whether his strength has increased or decreased.”

“All I can say is that the current Chu Tianfan is still very strong.”

“Far above me!”

With these words, Burning Heaven caused the surrounding crowd’s brows to sink, and the atmosphere in this room immediately became much heavier.

“However, Senior Duo Lun is also stronger than me, so right now, it’s hard for me to say which of them is stronger or weaker.”

“But there is still a bit of good news.”

“When Chu Tianfan fought with me earlier, he should have consumed a great deal. Strength must have been cut.”

“At times like this, the situation is undoubtedly more powerful for Senior Duo Lun.”

“I think that if the two really faced off, Senior Duo Lun’s chances of winning could be 70%!”

“Good!” These words from the Indian Heavenly King Burning Heaven undoubtedly shook the morale of these people in front of them.

“Since that’s the case, then let’s fight!”

“However, just in case, Haibu, Bape, you two will first accompany senior brother to observe the battle.”

“Remember, when necessary, improvise!”

“I’ll take Burning Sky to heal first.”

“When he gets better, the two of us will immediately go to support.”

“Just like senior brother said, if we, the martial arts of India, want to stand on our own in the forest of the world’s nations, we really need a battle to establish our nation!”

“Back then, the Yanxia Dynasty Kingdom fought a battle and fought alone against sixteen nations around the world.”

“We fought in the secular world and created a great national prestige!”

“Today, our Indian country’s martial dao will step on the bones of the number one on the Heavenly Ranking and completely terrify the global martial dao.”

King Buddha said in a deep voice, his palms clenched tightly, and he could be described as having high battle intent.


The rest of them all agreed.

Just like that, all the strong men of the Floo Palace unanimously approved the decision to fight against Chu Tianfan.

Soon after, the two Haibu departed.

Inside the Froo Palace, only the two of them, Burning Heaven and King Froo, remained.

“This is a big gamble, have you thought about it, what if you lose?”

“That would be the downfall of my Floo Palace!”

Burning Heaven looked towards King Froo and spoke in a sly voice.

King Buddha Luo’s eyebrows were ruthless as he stood up and looked towards the endless mountains behind the Frodo Palace, fire flickering in his eyes.

“My Indian country’s martial dao is sheltered by the divine mountain.”

“Will it not fail?”

King Froh spoke firmly, his gaze distant, no one knew what was actually in his mind, deep inside.



“Further on, there is the Frodo divine Mountain range.”

“The Frodo Palace is built in the middle of that mountain range.”

“Ye Fan, do you really want to go there?”

“There, there should be many people as powerful as my uncle too.”

In the void, two figures, stepping through the air.

Ye Fan’s face was expressionless as the endless wind and waves shattered in front of him.

Noa, who was in his arms, tilted her pretty face and hugged Ye Fan with both hands as hard as she could, whispering.

She was a little worried about Ye Fan.

But she was also worried about those uncles and uncles in Frodo Palace.

When she was young, Noa would go with her father, every year, to visit those people in the palace.

Father said that those were the people who had served the country well, and that it was their presence that had sheltered the country of India for so long.

But now, she was showing the way to a man with a murderous agenda.

Noa felt a little guilty.

Perhaps it was the unease of being an Indian national.

She knew that to the country, she should not have given Ye Fan the lead.

However, she just wanted to help Ye Fan do something.

She did not want to refuse this man.

“Ye Fan, will you fight with them?”

“Can you, don’t fight.”

Noa asked in a low voice.

“As long as they don’t hurt Yao’er and return her to me, I won’t fight with them.”

“Not including Burning Heaven, of course.”

“He must die.”

Ye Fan said calmly.

The purpose of his visit to the Indian Kingdom was mainly for Yue Yao and Burning Heaven.

Even if he did not kill Burning Heaven himself, Yue Yao would not let him go.

Therefore, even if it was because of Yue Yao, Ye Fan would not let Burning Heaven escape again!

What’s more, Burning Heaven’s hands were still stained with the blood of his own men, the Dragon King.

Ye Fan’s tone was extraordinarily calm when he said these words.

It was as if, to him, dealing with the Incendiary Heavenly King was as simple as squashing an ant.

The truth was, in fact, almost the same.

Ye Fan and the two of them had already entered the Floating Mountain Range.

As far as the eye could see, there were layers and layers of mountains as well as vast waves of green.

Between the mountains and forests, one could vaguely see a great ancient river, like a reclining dragon, winding its way through the mountains.

The mountains are surrounded by water and clouds.

This Florentine palace is a feng shui treasure!

Fortunately, Noa had led the way, if Ye Fan had come to look for it on his own, it would have taken some effort.

“Ye Fan, I can see the Frodo Palace!”

“That’s the Florentine Palace!”

Noa looked around and finally spotted the gilded palace.


Just as Ye Fan nodded his head, he was ready to run towards that direction.



A majestic force suddenly exploded.

Immediately afterwards, an unparalleled wave of Qi swept in like a tidal wave.

Ye Fan immediately frowned and bent his body slightly to protect Noa in his arms.

However, he himself was struck by the wave of Qi.

His feet stepped into the void and he retreated a hundred steps!

“Who is it?”

“Why don’t you show yourself?”

Ye Fan was certain that this was not the aura of Burning Heaven.

It was even less like the group of people from the Floo Palace.

Although Ye Fan had never met King Froo and the others a few times, he knew that their strength was not even ranked in the top twenty in the Heavenly Rankings.

However, that powerful outburst just now had an extremely strong backbone, and its might was like an abyssal sea.

This was at least the strength of one of the top ten on the Heavenly Ranking!

Who could it be?

Could it be that a new martial arts powerhouse has been born in the Indian country’s martial dao?